Archaeology Podcasts

Archaeology Podcasts

Ever listen to these Archaeology Podcasts? We bet you'll find some new shows. Here are 23 of our favorites.

Biblical Archaeology Today w/ Steve Waldron

In this podcast, Steve Waldron discusses various topics related to Biblical archaeology. He covers topics such as the importance of archaeological evidence in understanding the Bible, different archaeological discoveries in the Holy Land, and how the Bible's stories have been proven to have a historical basis. He also talks about the various ways that archaeology has helped to inform our understanding of the Bible and its stories. Throughout the podcast, Steve Waldron provides interesting facts and examples that illustrate the importance of Biblical archaeology.

Earth Ancients

In this episode of Cliff Dunning’s podcast, Earth Ancients, he discusses the mysterious and advanced technology of the ancient world with author and researcher, Michael Tellinger. Tellinger explains his theories on how an advanced civilization was able to build incredible structures throughout the world and how their technology was much greater than what is currently understood. He also describes the spiritual implications of these ancient cultures, their connection to the stars, and how they used advanced sound technology to manipulate energy. Dunning and Tellinger also explore the possibility of time travel and the potential of the ancient cultures to have unlocked the secrets of the universe.

The Archaeology Show

The Archaeology Show is a podcast produced by the Archaeology Podcast Network. Hosted by Dr. Chris Webster and Dr. Rebecca Wragg Sykes, the show covers a wide range of topics in archaeology. Each episode features a guest discussing current archaeological research in their respective fields, as well as interviews with practitioners and specialists from different parts of the world. Guests range from archaeologists and anthropologists to museum curators and historians. The show aims to make archaeology accessible to the general public, and to highlight the different ways in which people are engaging with the material world around them.

Expanded Perspectives

The Ancients

The Dirt Podcast

The Ancient World

Archaeological Fantasies Podcast

Archaeological Fantasies Podcast

Screenplay Archaeology Podcast

New Books in Archaeology

Blake Hill House - Ash Dump Archaeology


The Archaeology Channel - Audio News from Archaeologica

Noetic Archaeology Podcast

BIBLE DIG: Archaeology

Naked Archaeology, from the Naked Scientists

Amplify Archaeology Podcast

The Red-Haired Archaeologist

Rock N Roll Archaeology

Pre History - the archaeology of the ancient Near East

ArchaeoEd Podcast

Paranormal Archaeology


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