Podcasts About Literature

Podcasts About Literature

Have you heard these Podcasts About Literature? We promise you'll find some new shows. We put together 25 of the top ones.

New Books in Literary Studies

This podcast episode of New Books in Literary Studies features an interview with literary scholar, Amber K. Regis, about her new book, "Black British Writing: An Anthology of Drama, Fiction and Poetry from 1950 to the Present." The discussion covers the importance of the anthology in addressing the long-standing historiographical gap in the study of literature from the British-Caribbean diaspora, the challenges of curating a volume of this scope, the wider implications of the anthology for the broader field of literary studies, and the ways in which the book can contribute to our understanding of race and identity in contemporary literature.

New Books in Literature

In this podcast, Marshall Poe interviews author and professor of Literature at the University of Maryland, Jennifer A. Wagner-Lawlor, about her new book, The Object of Performance: The American Avant-Garde Since 1970. They discuss the history of the American avant-garde, the influence of technology and media, how the avant-garde is changing, and the importance of literature in our culture. Wagner-Lawlor also explains her theories about the relationship between media, popular culture, and the avant-garde, and explains how she hopes her book will help to broaden the public’s understanding of literature and its role in our lives.

Karla Reads the Classics - Making classic literature fun & accessible!

Karla Reads the Classics is a podcast that makes classic literature more accessible and fun for everyone. Each episode takes a classic work of literature and breaks it down into smaller, more manageable chunks for the listener to digest. Karla also provides context and background information to help the listener understand the plot and characters better. Additionally, she provides modern interpretations and examples to compare and contrast the classic works with more recent literature. Karla Reads the Classics is a great way to get into classic literature and learn more about how it shaped our world today.

F***bois of Literature Book Podcast

Emily Edwards hosts the F***bois of Literature Book Podcast, which is a humorous and educational look into the lives of the worst literary characters. Each episode, Emily and her co-host, Flo, explore the stories of different "f***bois" in literature and discuss their motivations, relationships, and impact on the stories they occupy. They also joke and laugh their way through the bad decisions these characters make, while also offering insight and analysis into why they do what they do. This podcast is perfect for anyone looking for a funny and educational look into the worst of literature's characters.

The History of Literature

The Literary Life Podcast

The Joys of Teaching Literature

Better Read than Dead: Literature from a Left Perspective

Chinese Literature Podcast

The Dinesh D'Souza Podcast

Literature and History

Chitra Alochana Podcasts [Telugu]

Bitching about Medieval Literature

SUBTEXT Literature and Film Podcast

The Lit English English Lit Podcast

Hardcore Literature

BiblioFiles: A CenterForLit Podcast about Great Books, Great Ideas, and the Great Conversation

Lewd Literature

Louisiana Literature

HinduLit - A podcast on Indian literature including legends, mythologies, and history.

Literature & Life

Read Japanese Literature

Professing Literature

The Great Books of Literature Podcast

Literary Lilt


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