Podcasts About Jesus

Podcasts About Jesus

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10 Minutes with Jesus

In this podcast, host Gerardo Ramos takes 10 minutes to explore spiritual topics such as the life of Jesus, the Bible, prayer, and faith. He interviews different experts and theologians on various topics, and encourages listeners to take 10 minutes to reflect on the teachings of Jesus and how to apply them in their daily lives. He also provides practical tips for growing in faith and living a more meaningful Christian life.

Jesus Over Everything

In this podcast, Lisa Whittle talks about how Jesus should always come first in our lives, no matter what else may be going on. She breaks down what it means to truly prioritize Jesus, from recognizing his sovereignty and trusting in him to surrendering our own wants and needs. She emphasizes the importance of having a relationship with Jesus, not just following a set of rules, and shares practical advice for doing so. She also shares some of her personal experiences and stories to illustrate her points. Ultimately, she encourages listeners to make Jesus the foundation of their lives and to trust that He will carry them through whatever life throws their way.

Jesus Calling Podcast

The Jesus Calling Podcast features readings from Sarah Young’s devotional book, Jesus Calling, as well as personal reflections, interviews, and stories from Sarah. The podcast is meant to bring listeners closer to God and provides a source of encouragement and hope. Each episode explores a different topic such as joy, faith, purpose, grace, and prayer. It also encourages listeners to slow down, recognize God’s presence in our lives, and embrace the peace that He offers. Through the podcast, Sarah hopes to encourage listeners to become more aware of God’s voice and to pursue a deeper relationship with Him.

Jesus In All Of The Bible

In this podcast, Spoken Gospel dives into the many different ways Jesus is seen throughout the Bible. They explore how Jesus is talked about in the Old Testament and how He is described in the gospels. They also discuss how Jesus is seen in eveything from the small details to the major stories of the Bible. Lastly, they talk about the importance of understanding Jesus and His role in the Bible.

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