Podcasts About Haunted Houses

Podcasts About Haunted Houses

Thinking about Podcasts About Haunted Houses, there is no limit to the hosts exploring this feeling. Here are 24 of our favorites.

Haunted Places

This episode of Parcast's "Haunted Places" explores the haunted buildings and locations sealed off to the public. From the Winchester Mystery House in San Jose, California to the Eastern State Penitentiary in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, host Ashley Flowers takes listeners on a journey to some of the spookiest places in the world. Listeners will learn about the history of each location and how it became haunted as well as the terrifying tales of the mysterious spirits said to haunt them. The podcast also discusses some of the paranormal investigations that have taken place in these haunted locations. The show is perfect for anyone curious about the paranormal and ghost stories.

HaunTopic Radio: Haunted Attractions | Haunted Houses | Halloween | Haunters

This podcast from Brian Foreman covers all things related to haunted attractions, haunted houses, Halloween, and Haunters. He interviews people from all aspects of the industry, including haunt owners, actors, special effects creators, and more. He discusses the different types of haunted attractions, their history, and the technology used to create them. He also talks about the safety measures that haunters take and the successes and failures of individual attractions. Finally, he covers the marketing, public relations, and merchandising strategies used to bring these attractions to life.


Your Haunted Holiday

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Haunted History Chronicles

Spirit Diaries Paranormal Podcast

Dark Memory: Ghosts, Legends, and Mysteries

Historically Haunted

It's Haunted...What Now?

Parkdale Haunt

Haunted American History

Haunted Road

Tales of Spooky Coffee House

Haunted UK Podcast

Haunted House Flippers

Haunted House Podcast

House of the Curious

Haunted Hell House of Horror

Recently Departed Podcast

Haunted and Historic

Tales From the Haunt

Stay the Night Podcast


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