Podcasts About Gossip

Podcasts About Gossip

Have you heard all of these Podcasts About Gossip? We promise you'll find some new shows. We listed 22 of our favorites.

Daytime Confidential

Daytime Confidential is a podcast that covers the latest news and gossip from the world of daytime television. It features exclusive interviews with stars, producers and other insiders from popular soaps such as The Young and the Restless, General Hospital, Days of Our Lives, and The Bold and the Beautiful. Hosted by Luke Kerr, Jamey Giddens, and Mike Jubinville, the podcast offers a fun and entertaining look at the behind-the-scenes drama of the soap opera world. Daytime Confidential also discusses the latest news and spoilers from the genre, as well as providing entertaining guests and discussions.

Palace Intrigue: The daily Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton, King Charles, William and Harry news and gossip

The Royal Family Podcasts / The Shark Deck podcast, "Palace Intrigue: The daily Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton, King Charles, William and Harry news and gossip", discusses the latest news and gossip related to the British Royal family. The podcast goes in-depth into the drama and intrigue surrounding the lives and relationships of Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton, King Charles, William, and Harry. Hosts Chris and Andy provide the latest updates on the royal family and analyze the relationships between the members of the family. They also provide insight on how the royal family is perceived by the public and the media.

Mike's Big Brother Gossip Carcast

Mike's Big Brother Gossip Carcast is a weekly podcast about the Big Brother reality television series. Each episode, Mike, the host, interviews fans, players, and behind-the-scenes personnel from the show to get their insights and opinions on current happenings and stories. The podcast also covers the Big Brother live feeds and other news related to the show. Mike also discusses strategy, game play, and the houseguests' performances. The podcast is both entertaining and informative for Big Brother fans.

Unholy Gossip Girls

We Hear: Quick Fix

Gossip with Celebitchy

GosSIPPIN' Podcast

We Want Gossip

The Royal Gossip Podcast

Gossipnista: A New York City Podcast

Gossip That's Good For You

XOXO, Gossip Kings

Sis, Let Me Tell You: Relatable Sibling Gossip and Advice

Normal Gossip

The Good Gossip Podcast

The Gossip Guys

Upper East Podcasters: A Gossip Girl Recap

Goth Girl Gossip



For Love and Gossip

Unfiltered Gossip


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