Podcasts About Education

Podcasts About Education

Ever hear these Podcasts About Education? We know for sure you'll find some new shows. We assembled 25 of our favorites.

3 minute lesson

3 Minute Lesson is a podcast that provides short, engaging lessons on a variety of topics. Hosted by Edwin Rutsch and Tina Seelig, the podcast is designed to spark curiosity and get people thinking. Each episode features an expert guest who offers an overview of their field of expertise in just three minutes. Guests include scientists, innovators, entrepreneurs, and authors who talk about a wide range of topics, such as neuroscience, creativity, productivity, and more. The podcast is designed to be brief, so listeners can easily fit the lessons into their day. The topics discussed in each episode are designed to help people think about their work, their life, and the world around them.


This podcast from APM Reports looks at the challenges of education in America. It explores issues such as the widening achievement gap between low-income and affluent students, racial and economic disparities in access to quality education, and the struggle of teachers to meet the needs of their students. It also looks at the struggles of those in poverty who have difficulty accessing higher education and the impact of technology on education. The podcast includes interviews with experts, parents, and teachers, as well as stories from the classroom.

Hillsdale College K-12 Classical Education Podcast

This podcast from Hillsdale College K-12 Classical Education discusses the importance of a classical education, and how to implement it in a K-12 setting. The podcast explains why classical education is beneficial, and how schools and teachers can take advantage of the advantages it provides. The Podcast also offers advice on developing a classical education curriculum in a K-12 setting, and how to make the most of it. They provide information on how to incorporate the liberal arts, classical literature, and the great books into the curriculum. They also discuss the importance of teaching from the heart and the importance of engaging the student. Finally, the podcast offers tips on how to assess and evaluate the effectiveness of a classical education program.

Education Bookcast

In this podcast, Stanislaw Pstrokonski discusses the world of educational publishing and the changing landscape of educational books. He talks about the importance of having an online presence for educational books, the need for educational books to be accessible, and the impact of technology on the way educational books are created and distributed. He also shares his thoughts on the best ways to reach the market, the potential for e-books, and the importance of providing a quality educational experience. Finally, he outlines some of the challenges faced by publishers in the educational publishing sector.

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