Health Tech Podcasts

Health Tech Podcasts

Many personalities have explored Health Tech Podcasts. Here are 25 of our favorites.

Radio Health Journal

The Radio Health Journal podcast provides listeners with information on the latest health news and trends. It covers topics such as nutrition, fitness, mental health, disease prevention, and more. Each episode consists of interviews with health professionals and experts, and also includes reports on current health issues and trends. Listeners can gain insight into health-related topics such as the science of sleep, ways to prevent burnout, the importance of exercise, and the role of nutrition in managing diabetes. The podcast also provides helpful tips on how to live a healthier lifestyle.

Dr. SHIVA Truth Freedom Health® Podcast

Dr. SHIVA Truth Freedom Health® Podcast is a bi-weekly podcast hosted by Dr. Shiva Ayyadurai, a systems biologist and world-renowned inventor. In each episode, Dr. Shiva interviews prominent figures in health, science, politics, and culture to uncover the truth and empower listeners to take control of their own health and well-being. Discussions include topics such as integrative health, functional medicine, nutrition, epigenetics, Ayurveda, yoga, and wellness. Dr. Shiva also shares his insights on the current global health crisis and how it is impacting our lives. He encourages listeners to develop their own strategies to stay healthy and informed. The podcast also features personal stories and messages of hope from listeners.

Relentless Health Value™

In this podcast, Stacey Richter, the founder and CEO of Relentless Health Value™, discusses the importance of patient-centric health value and how to achieve it. She explains how her company works with payers, providers, employers and other stakeholders to create better outcomes for patients. She talks about how her company helps to reduce costs, improve access, and give patients better experiences. Richter also shares the challenges faced in creating value-based health care and how her company is addressing those challenges. Finally, she discusses the future of Relentless Health Value™ and how it will continue to help make healthcare more affordable and accessible to everyone.

Talking HealthTech Digital Health and Healthcare Technology Podcast

In this podcast, Peter Birch dives into the growing field of digital health and healthcare technology. He interviews experts in the field to discuss the latest trends, technologies, applications, and business models. The podcast covers topics such as telemedicine, connected health, artificial intelligence, wearables, digital therapeutics, big data, blockchain, and more. Peter also speaks with entrepreneurs and investors to gain insights into the challenges and opportunities within the industry. The podcast is designed to provide listeners with a better understanding of the technology-enabled healthcare revolution.

Becker’s Healthcare Digital Health + Health IT

This podcast from Becker's Healthcare discusses digital health and health IT. It covers topics such as the challenges of implementing digital health solutions and the potential benefits of connecting healthcare systems. It also looks at the current state of health IT in the US and what the future may hold. The podcast also discusses the importance of data security, regulation, and patient engagement when it comes to digital health solutions. Finally, the podcast explores some of the leading technologies in the field and how they can be used to improve healthcare delivery.

Perspectives on Health and Tech

In this podcast episode, Cerner’s Vice President of Strategic Relations, Dr. David Pittman, and Cerner’s Senior Vice President of Clinical Strategy, Dr. David Holmberg, provide insight on the impact of health IT and current trends in the industry. They discuss the potential of leveraging technology to provide greater access to healthcare services and how technology is being used to improve the quality of care. They also explore the potential of virtual care and how it can help patients stay connected to their providers. Finally, they provide an overview of Cerner’s approach to health IT and their commitment to implementing innovative solutions that can help advance healthcare.

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