Essay About Podcasts

Essay About Podcasts

Have you heard these Essay About Podcasts? We promise you'll find some new shows. Here are 24 of the best ones.

Law School Admissions Unplugged Podcast: Personal Statements, Application Essays, Scholarships, LSAT Prep, and More…

In this podcast, Steve Schwartz, an experienced law school consultant, provides tips and advice on the law school admissions process. He covers topics such as personal statements, application essays, scholarships, LSAT prep, and more. Steve provides listeners with insight on how to create a strong application, get into the best schools, and maximize scholarship opportunities. He also emphasizes the importance of staying organized and on track during the application process. He offers examples of how to approach different components of the application, as well as advice on how to use the LSAT to your advantage. Throughout the podcast, Steve emphasizes the importance of having a solid strategy and taking the time to ensure that all parts of the application are finished correctly.

The Essay

This podcast from BBC Radio 3's "The Essay" series focuses on the history and power of the essay. It examines how the genre developed from its origins in Classical times and how it evolved to become a popular format for exploring ideas and arguments. The podcast looks at how the essay has been used to influence opinion and shape public debate, as well as to create a sense of order and structure in the mind of the reader. It also explores the various forms of the essay, from the personal essay to the scientific essay. Finally, it examines the role of the essay in modern culture, looking at how it has been used by writers to explore their own inner worlds and to make sense of their lives.

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The Creative Nonfiction Podcast with Brendan O'Meara

Abstract Essay

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Radio Free Flint Podcast


Grizzly's Growls podcasts

The Nietzsche Podcast

the jeanSpace

Chitra Alochana Podcasts [Telugu]

Essays & Espresso Podcast

The Video Essay Podcast

The College Essay Guy Podcast: A Practical Guide to College Admissions

The Claremont Review of Books Podcast

Essay und Diskurs - Deutschlandfunk

Essay Questions

What I Love About Film with Parker Gehring

Arthinkal Biographies and Essays

Essay Americana

IELTS Writing for Success

An Essay By


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