Best Theological Podcasts

Best Theological Podcasts

Ever hear these Best Theological Podcasts? We promise you'll find some new shows. We listed 25 of the top ones.

Pints With Aquinas

In this episode of "Pints With Aquinas," host Matt Fradd discusses the philosophy of Saint Thomas Aquinas with guest Dr. John Haldane. Haldane describes Aquinas' philosophy, particularly regarding the relationship between faith and reason, and how his beliefs influenced his view of the natural world. He also discusses Aquinas' views on the importance of natural law, and its implications for ethical and political decisions today. Finally, he talks about the legacy of Aquinas, and how his writings still shape philosophical thought today.

Theology in the Raw

Theology in the Raw is a podcast from Theology in the Raw that explores the intersection of theology and everyday life. Through engaging conversations with special guest theologians and authors, host Dr. Joe Martin delves into the questions and topics that are shaping the way people live and interact with the world. Topics discussed on the podcast range from the God of the Bible, salvation, and the afterlife, to matters of human suffering, racial justice, and political power. By stripping theology of its academic jargon and making it accessible to everyone, the podcast seeks to help listeners make sense of the world around them.

The Gary DeMar Podcast

The Gary DeMar Podcast is a weekly podcast hosted by Gary DeMar, a theologian, author, and president of American Vision. In the podcast, DeMar discusses topics related to Christian worldview, apologetics, and current events. He covers a wide range of topics, from analyzing media, to exploring the historical evidence for Christianity, to engaging in cultural debates. DeMar also interviews well-known theologians and Christian authors to discuss their views on the topics he covers. Through his podcast, DeMar aims to equip listeners to defend their faith and equip them with the tools to think biblically about the world around them.

Theology and Apologetics Podcast

Theology and Apologetics Podcast is an in-depth exploration of the topics of theology and apologetics. Hosted by Thomas Fretwell, the podcast features interviews with theologians, apologists, and authors. The episodes cover a variety of topics, such as the existence of God, the reliability of the Bible, the historical reliability of Jesus, and much more. The podcast also provides a platform for listeners to voice their own views on the topics, enabling an open dialogue between the host and his guests. The aim of the podcast is to provide an accessible and informative look at the major philosophical and religious topics that impact us all.

Queerology: A Podcast on Belief and Being

Queerology is a podcast that explores the intersection of faith, belief, and identity for people who identify as queer. Hosted by Matthias Roberts, a queer theologian, the podcast features interviews with guests from a variety of spiritual backgrounds and life experiences. Guests discuss the challenges and opportunities for finding acceptance and belonging in a world that often marginalizes queer people of faith. Topics covered include theology, spirituality, the history of queer communities, queer relationships, and intersectional identities. Through candid conversations, listeners gain insight into the lives of those who identify as queer and are exploring how faith intersects with their lives.

Theology Roundtable

The Theology Roundtable podcast features conversations between pastors, theologians, and other Christian leaders discussing theological issues. Each episode focuses on a specific topic, such as the nature of God, the Bible, sin, salvation, and more. The hosts discuss topics such as the origin of Christianity, the truth of the Bible, and other theological debates. They also discuss matters of practical Christian living, including marriage, family, and spiritual disciplines. The goal of Theology Roundtable is to help Christians of all levels of understanding to think more deeply and accurately about their faith. The podcast is an excellent resource for Christians looking to broaden their theological knowledge and further their understanding of Scripture.

Theology Mom || All The Things

The Whole Counsel of God

Dr. Tom Curran Podcast

Theology Gals

Theological Equipping Class

The Theology Pugcast

Simply Put

Folding Chair Theology

Your Church Friends Podcast

Francis Effect podcast

The Authentic Christian

Optiv Theology Podcast

Reclaiming My Theology

The C.S. Lewis podcast

The Valley View Podcast

Theology in Particular

The Apologetics Podcast

Dokter Knows Best

Discipleology Podcast


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