Best Scripted Podcasts

Best Scripted Podcasts

Have you heard all of these Best Scripted Podcasts? We promise you'll find some new shows. Here are 25 of our favorites.

2-minute scriptures Daily Chinese Bible Podcast /每日中文聖經播客

In this daily Chinese Bible podcast, the host reads two minutes of Scripture from the Chinese Union Version of the Bible. The podcast is designed to provide listeners with quick, daily doses of the Word of God in a language they understand. Each episode starts with a prayer before the Scripture reading and ends with a prayer of thanksgiving. The podcast is designed to be short and easy to listen to, so that listeners can quickly and easily incorporate Scripture into their daily lives.

Scripture & Prophecy - Weekly Bible Studies

In this weekly Bible study podcast, Shawn Ozbun provides in-depth analysis and interpretation of the Bible. He explains the context of the scriptures, their significance, and how they relate to our lives today. He also covers topics such as prophecy, the second coming of Christ, and how to interpret the Bible. Ozbun provides thought-provoking insights and encourages listeners to use the Bible as a foundation for their own study and growth in spiritual maturity.

No Script: The Podcast

No Script: The Podcast is a weekly podcast hosted by comedians, writers, and filmmakers, James Hancock and Elliott Kalan. Each week, they bring on a guest from the entertainment industry to talk about the world of entertainment and the creative process behind it. They discuss topics such as the current state of comedy, the role of technology in the entertainment industry, and how to create successful content. They also provide their own unique perspectives on the topics they discuss. The podcast is a great way to learn more about the entertainment industry, as well as be exposed to new ideas and interesting conversations.

Talking Scripture

In this podcast, Mike Day and Bryce Dunford discuss the Bible and how to make it more relevant and meaningful for individuals today. They discuss how the Bible was written for a certain time and culture and how we need to understand the context in order to make it applicable to our own lives. They talk about how to read the Bible with an open heart and mind, and how to study its messages and teachings in order to gain insight and wisdom. They also discuss the importance of prayer and meditation in order to connect more deeply with the Bible’s message and to draw closer to God. Finally, they offer advice on how to apply the Bible to our modern lives and how to use it as a guide in our own spiritual journeys.

Read Scripture Daily

Bulletproof Screenwriting™ Podcast with Alex Ferrari

Scripts & Scribes


The Scripture Study Project

Write Your Screenplay Podcast

Scripture First

EnCrypted: The Classic Horror Podcast

Almost: A True Crime Podcast

The Tabernacle Podcast

Script Apart

Out There: A Cryptid Podcast

The Rich Man Podcast

He's Where the Joy Is - Podcast

Scriptures, Stories, and Strategies

Scotch and Scripts

Best Hindi stories by Dr Pushpa Saxena

FearlessAF The Podcast


Inspirational Sermons - Insights from the Best Preachers in America

Scripted or Reality


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