Best Politics Podcasts

Best Politics Podcasts

Have you heard all of these Best Politics Podcasts? We bet you'll find some new shows. We assembled 25 of the best ones.

Best of the Left - Progressive Politics and Culture, Curated by Humans, Not Algorithms

Best of the Left is a weekly podcast that curates the most progressive and important news and culture from the left-leaning media. The podcast is hosted by Jay Tomlinson and features clips from a variety of sources, including news outlets, talk shows, documentaries, and more. The podcast covers topics from politics and current events to culture and entertainment. Best of the Left is updated every Wednesday and listeners can access the podcast through Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or directly from

The NPR Politics Podcast

The NPR Politics Podcast is a weekly podcast from NPR that covers the latest news and analysis from the world of politics. Hosts Tamara Keith, Scott Detrow, and Asma Khalid dive into the stories and conversations that are shaping the 2020 election and beyond. They bring their expertise and experience to make sense of the issues, breaking down how it all fits together. From the Democratic presidential primary and impeachment to the latest in policy and legislation, the podcast follows the news as it happens. In addition to the podcast itself, the hosts also participate in NPR's live panels, providing analysis and insight into the political news of the day.

Red Box Politics Podcast

The Red Box Politics Podcast from The Times is a weekly podcast that covers the biggest political stories in Britain and beyond. Hosts Rachel Johnson and Matt Chorley provide expert analysis of the current political situation, as well as engaging interviews with politicians and commentators. Each episode covers topics such as Brexit, the future of the Labour Party, and the implications of the US Presidential election. The podcast gives listeners an in-depth look at the latest political developments in the UK and abroad, and provides a unique insight into the current political climate.

Politics Done Right

The "Politics Done Right" podcast is hosted by Egberto Willies, a liberal political commentator and activist. In each episode, Willies discusses the latest political news and current events, with a particular focus on progressive issues. He often interviews guests, including liberal and progressive candidates, activists, and thought leaders. Willies has an informal, conversational style and encourages dialogue between himself and his guests and listeners. The podcast is geared towards those who are interested in and passionate about progressive politics.

Pantsuit Politics

Pantsuit Politics is a weekly podcast hosted by Sarah and Beth, two women from different political backgrounds who come together to discuss the issues of the day from a nonpartisan perspective. The hosts bring their unique perspectives to the table as they talk about topics such as the current political landscape, women in politics, and the ever-evolving role of technology in our lives. In each episode, Sarah and Beth aim to unpack the facts and the myths surrounding issues and provide a platform for civil discourse. Through honest and open dialogue, Pantsuit Politics encourages its listeners to become better informed and engaged citizens.


In this podcast from Turning Point USA, host Charlie Kirk and guest Brandon Tatum discuss the importance of understanding politics and how it affects the world. They explore the differences between conservatives and liberals, the current state of politics in America, and the 2020 Presidential Election. They also provide insights on how to navigate the current political climate and how to stay informed. Additionally, they discuss the role that technology has had in political discourse and the potential it has to shape the future of politics.

Politics Weekly UK

Politics Weekly UK is a weekly podcast from The Guardian that brings together leading voices and experts to discuss the biggest news stories of the week in British politics. Each episode features political reporters from The Guardian, who discuss the major stories in depth and provide analysis of their implications. They also bring in experts from different fields to give additional context and explore the implications of the news. The podcast covers topics such as Brexit, the Conservative/Labour divide, the state of the economy, and various other current political issues. Politics Weekly UK is an ideal podcast for anyone interested in staying up to date with the latest developments in British politics.

Inside Politics

Best of the Spectator

Political Breakfast from WABE

Louisville's Best Podcast

The Best Storyteller In Texas Podcast

The Political Theory Review

Anything But Politics

Hot Politics Lab

The Business of Politics Show

GSMC Classics: Father Knows Best

History and Politics

Good in Theory: A Political Philosophy Podcast

The Last Best Hope?

Political Science Podcast

Fast Politics with Molly Jong-Fast

Politics Weekly

The PBPolitical Podcast

No Politics


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