Best Podcasts About History

Best Podcasts About History

So many personalities have reported on Best Podcasts About History. Here are 25 of our favorites.

Stuff You Missed in History Class

This podcast focuses on exploring the lesser-known aspects of history. Hosts Holly Frey and Tracy V. Wilson dive into different topics each week, exploring stories of people, events, and cultural phenomena that have often been overlooked. From ancient civilizations to the 20th century, they’ll discuss everything from the unexpected to the bizarre. They also feature interviews with experts and historians to help bring these stories to life.

History Unplugged Podcast

History Unplugged Podcast is hosted by Scott Rank, PhD, who is an author, historian, and professor. The podcast focuses on the history of the world, often delving into topics that are often overlooked in mainstream history. The podcast features interviews with historians, authors, and other experts on topics such as the lives of famous historical figures, forgotten battles, and where history and current events intersect. The podcast also features discussions about current events and how they are related to history. The podcast seeks to make history more accessible to listeners, providing knowledge and context about topics in world history.

History of the World podcast

In this podcast, Chris Hasler takes listeners on a journey through the history of the world, giving an in-depth look at different eras, events, and major civilizations. He covers topics such as the rise and fall of empires, the development of religions, the impact of science and technology, and the evolution of art and culture. Hasler also interviews prominent historians and scholars to provide an in-depth look at some of the most important events in world history. By the end of the podcast, listeners will have a greater understanding of the history of the world and all its complexities.


HISTORY This Week is a weekly podcast from The HISTORY® Channel that recaps the week's top news in history and culture. Each episode takes a deep dive into the stories and events that shaped the world and have made an impact on our lives. Hosts Robert Thompson and Natalia Petrzela explore the people, places, and events that left a mark on history and discuss their relevance to the present day. Guests join the show regularly to discuss topics from their expertise, and the show also features fun trivia and historical facts. HISTORY This Week is a great way to stay informed and learn about the history that has shaped our lives.

Horrifying History

The podcast “Horrifying History” is an exploration of some of the most gruesome, bone chilling stories from the past. Hosted by Jamie Davis and Wes Ferguson, the podcast dives into the dark recesses of history to uncover stories of murder, torture, and mayhem. Each episode features an in-depth analysis of one particular event or person from history, such as Jack the Ripper, the Salem Witch Trials, and the Black Death. The podcast also features interviews with experts and historians to provide additional context and insight into the subject matter. From ancient civilizations to modern times, listeners will be captivated by the dark and twisted tales that make up “Horrifying History”.

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