Best Philosophy Podcasts

Best Philosophy Podcasts

For Best Philosophy Podcasts, there is no limit to the personalities who explored this idea. Here are 25 of the top ones.

History of Philosophy Without Any Gaps

This podcast is a fascinating look at the history of philosophy, beginning with the Ancient Greeks. Peter Adamson, the host, goes through the history of philosophy in chronological order and explains the major ideas and influences of each philosopher and school of thought. He covers a wide range of topics, including ethics, metaphysics, and political philosophy. Adamson also highlights the ways in which philosophical ideas have changed over time, as well as their continuing relevance today. The podcast is both informative and entertaining, giving listeners a comprehensive understanding of the history of philosophy.

Philosophy Bites

Philosophy Bites is a series of podcasts hosted by David Edmonds and Nigel Warburton that explore various topics in philosophy. The podcast features interviews with top philosophers from around the world discussing a wide variety of topics, from Kantian ethics to the philosophy of language. Each episode is a short and accessible introduction to a particular philosophical subject, designed to provide a more approachable way to learn about philosophy. The podcast is available to download for free and has been praised for providing an engaging and informative glimpse into the world of philosophy.

Drunken Philosophy

Drunken Philosophy is a podcast hosted by two friends, Josh and Kyle, who have drinks while discussing various philosophical concepts. The podcast focuses on both ancient and modern philosophers, such as Plato, Nietzsche, and Marx. The conversations cover topics such as the nature of truth, morality, and existence. The podcast also features special guests who offer their perspectives on the topics discussed. The goal is to explore the topics in an entertaining and accessible way. With its laid-back atmosphere, Drunken Philosophy is a great way to learn about philosophy without the dryness of textbooks.

Philosophize This!

In this podcast, Stephen West explores philosophy and its implications for our everyday lives. He covers a wide range of topics, including why we should strive to understand philosophical ideas, how to make practical use of them, and how philosophical thinking can help us live more meaningful lives. West also highlights influential philosophers and their ideas, explains difficult concepts in simple terms, and encourages listeners to think critically and constructively about the world around them.

Be Your Best Horsemanship

In this podcast, Phil Haugen provides his insights and tips on the fundamentals of horsemanship. He uses personal stories to illustrate the importance of developing relationships with horses built on mutual respect and understanding. Haugen emphasizes the importance of having patience, being consistent, and understanding the natural behavior of horses. He explains that horsemanship is a continuous learning process and discusses the importance of being a good leader and listener. He outlines the importance of having an open mind and staying flexible when working with horses. He also emphasizes the importance of spending quality time with horses and getting to know them as individuals. Finally, Haugen provides advice on how to handle challenging situations and stresses the importance of maintaining a positive attitude.

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