Best Narrative Podcasts

Best Narrative Podcasts

Dozens of personalities have explored Best Narrative Podcasts. Here are 25 of our favorites.

Audiobooks Daily, presented by Public Domain Media

"Audiobooks Daily" is a podcast from Public Domain Media that focuses on book reviews and discussions. Hosted by Sam, the podcast provides reviews of classic books from the public domain and interviews with authors about their works. The podcast also covers topics such as history, literature, and philosophy. Additionally, the podcast includes tips and advice on how to get the most out of audiobooks and audiobook readers. With a unique focus on the public domain, "Audiobooks Daily" is a great way to explore classic literature in a modern way.

The H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast

The H.P. Lovecraft Literary Podcast is a podcast about the life and works of author H.P. Lovecraft. Hosts Chad Fifer and Chris Lackey discuss Lovecraft’s life, his stories, and the influence he had on modern horror and weird fiction. Each episode covers a particular Lovecraft story with a critical analysis of the plot, themes, and characters. The hosts also discuss Lovecraft’s influence on popular culture, the influence of his peers, and the craft of weird fiction. They also read excerpts from Lovecraft’s works and interview authors and scholars on Lovecraft-related topics.

Demon Creep Podcast | Creepypasta Storytelling

True Crime Podcast 2022 - Police Interrogations, 911 Calls and True Police Stories Podcast

The Courageously.u Podcast

1001 Sherlock Holmes Stories & The Best of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle

Narratives w/Will Jarvis


The Fire Pit Podcast

NIGHTLIGHT: A Horror Fiction Podcast

Bestseller Book summaries

Pulpit Fiction Narrative Cast

The Best Things

Narrated by Erin Robertson

The Fantasy Writers' Toolshed

Best of Suhaana Safar with Annu Kapoor


Nightmare Magazine - Horror and Dark Fantasy Story Podcast (Audiobook | Short Stories)

The Rich Man Podcast

Unreliable Narrator

The Hidden Gems Podcast (The Best Short Stories You've Never Heard)

The Strange Case of Starship Iris

The Diarist ~ Fiction Podcast

Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass, an American Slave

New York Times Best Sellers by The Book Guide® Best Fiction Books of 2022


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