Elevation Church Podcasts

Elevation Church Podcasts

Have you heard these Elevation Church Podcasts? We know for sure you'll find some new shows. Here are 25 of the best ones.

The Church of Eleven22

In this podcast, Pastor Joby Martin of the Church of Eleven22 explains the concept behind the church and how it is helping to bring people together in Jacksonville, Florida. He discusses the church's structure, mission, and its core values, which include serving the community, creating a culture of acceptance, and empowering individuals. He also talks about how the church is reaching out to people of all different backgrounds, including those in the LGBTQ+ community, and how the church has been able to make a real difference in the lives of its members. Lastly, Pastor Martin shares how the church is impacting the community as a whole and why it is so important to be a church that is open and welcoming to everyone, regardless of their background or beliefs.

Recovery Elevator

In this episode of Recovery Elevator, host Paul Churchill interviews life coach, author and speaker Monty Sahaja about his journey from addiction to sobriety. Monty shares his story of addiction, which began with alcohol when he was a teenager and eventually led to experimenting with hard drugs. He details how he confronted his addiction, how he overcame the denial surrounding it and how he was eventually able to get sober. Monty speaks about the importance of connecting with a higher power, finding a support system, taking responsibility for one's actions and making positive changes in one's life. He also provides valuable advice on how to stay motivated in recovery and how to stay connected to people in sobriety.

Church Eleven32

Church Eleven32 is a church in the heart of Nashville, Tennessee. The podcast focuses on faith, family and community. It features inspiring stories from the church and its members, as well as discussion about life, culture and the Bible. Topics discussed on the podcast include the importance of relationships, how to build a strong community and be good stewards of the gospel, and the power of prayer. The podcast also includes interviews with special guests and helpful advice on how to make the Christian life more meaningful.

Elevation with Steven Furtick

This podcast from Elevation Church features pastor and bestselling author Steven Furtick. He speaks about the power of faith, encouraging and empowering his listeners to live a life of purpose and spiritual excellence. He shares stories of how God works through His people, highlighting how faith can be used to transform lives, communities, and nations. He delves into the different aspects of faith and how it plays a role in our lives, offering practical advice and insight on how to apply faith in our lives. Topics discussed include the power of grace, how to pursue God’s will, the importance of prayer, and the impact that faith can have on our relationships.

Elevate Life Church Podcast

The Elevate Life Church Podcast is a weekly podcast dedicated to helping people live out their faith and elevate their life. The podcast covers a variety of topics related to Christianity and everyday life, with an emphasis on practical advice and guidance. Hosted by Pastor Craig Groeschel, the podcast features interviews and conversations with leading Christian leaders, authors, and thinkers. The podcast also includes messages from Pastor Craig and the team at Elevate Life Church, providing encouragement and inspiration in faith, life, and leadership.

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