Best American History Podcasts

Best American History Podcasts

When it comes to Best American History Podcasts, there is no limit to the podcasters exploring this idea. Here are 25 of our favorites.

American History Tellers

American History Tellers is a podcast from Wondery that takes listeners on an in-depth journey through some of the most important events that have shaped the history of the United States. Hosted by historian and author Patrick Wyman, the show covers topics ranging from the American Revolution and the Civil War to the civil rights movement and the Vietnam War. Each episode is a deep dive into the people, places, and events that have shaped our nation, along with discussions of forgotten stories and newly discovered facts. Through interviews with historians, authors, and other experts, the show explores the complex and often controversial stories of American history.

A History of the United States

In this podcast, Jamie Redfern examines the history of the United States from its founding to the present day. She delves into the events, people, and ideas that have shaped the nation, exploring issues like civil rights, immigration, and foreign policy. She also examines the impact of colonialism and imperialism, as well as the roles of Native Americans, African Americans, and other marginalized communities in American history. Finally, she discusses the current state of the nation, and what the future may hold.

The Civil War (1861-1865) A History Podcast

American Revolution Podcast

History of the World podcast


Infamous America

Key Battles of American History

The American History Podcast

The Monica Crowley Podcast

Rejects & Revolutionaries (American History Podcast)

GSMC Classics: American History Stories

Will's Personal Development Show for Asian American Men: Success Advice

The History of the Americans

History Unplugged Podcast | American History, World History, World War 2, U.S. Presidents, Civil War

With the Bark Off: Conversations on the American Presidency

My Fellow Americans: The Inaugural Addresses of the U.S. Presidents

Kids Stories Podcast - Circle Round & Listen To The Best Short Stories For Kids - Kids Short Stories In a World Filled With Wow - Super Great Kids Bedtime Stories - Turn Their Brains On - A Random Kids Podcast Club

Cross-Examining History

American History

Haunted American History

American History Hit

"To the Best of My Ability"

History's Great Mysteries

Great American Novel


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