Us Podcasts About Undergraduate Chemistry

Us Podcasts About Undergraduate Chemistry

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Clinical Chemistry Podcast

The Clinical Chemistry Podcast from the American Association for Clinical Chemistry is a weekly podcast that serves as a comprehensive resource for healthcare professionals who use clinical chemistry in their practice. Each episode dives into a particular topic, such as new developments and techniques in laboratory testing, emerging technologies in laboratory medicine, patient safety, and quality assurance. The podcast features interviews with leading experts and specialists in the field of clinical chemistry, who share their insights and discuss current trends. The podcast also provides resources and materials to help healthcare professionals stay up-to-date on the latest developments in the field.

Chemistry in its Element

The podcast, "Chemistry in its Element" from Chemistry World, focuses on the stories behind the chemical elements. Hosted by Meirion Jordan, this podcast introduces listeners to the elements of the periodic table, discussing their discovery, properties, and applications. Each episode explores the history, chemistry, and cultural significance of a single element. The podcast aims to make science accessible to the general public, and is a great resource for anyone interested in the chemistry of the world around them.

Chemistry For Your Life

In this podcast, Melissa and Jam discuss the fundamentals of chemistry and how it applies to everyday life. They cover topics such as the structure of atoms, chemical reactions, and the importance of studying chemistry. Through a series of fun experiments and demonstrations, they explore how chemistry can be used to improve our lives. They also discuss how chemistry can help us understand the world around us, from the environment to the food we eat. Finally, they explain why chemistry is a valuable field of study and its impact on the future.

Ag PhD Radio on SiriusXM 147

Hello PhD


The Episodic Table of Elements

Chemistry Cayk Online Podcast

Stereo Chemistry

Arlen Education's Bitesize A-level Chemistry


Chemistry Made Simple

Chemistry in Everyday Life

Inside the Yale Admissions Office

Chem4REAL: Research Engages All Learners

Everyday Chemistry

A&C II Course Podcasts

High School Chemistry - Study by Seneca


The Chemistry Student Podcast

Modern Chemistry Podcast


"Lecture-casts"- A Lecture Series on General Chemistry

The Undergrads

Candid Chemical Engineering


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