Urban Legend Podcasts

Urban Legend Podcasts

For Urban Legend Podcasts, there are so many streamers exploring this topic. We wrote about 21 of the top ones.


The "Creepy" podcast from Bloody FM is a series of horror stories told by various narrators. Each story is a suspenseful and unnerving tale, ranging from ghost stories to tales of chilling encounters with the supernatural. The podcast is hosted by David Calabrese, who provides a calm and soothing voice to guide listeners through the stories. With each story, listeners are taken deeper and deeper into the realm of horror as they become immersed in the chilling details of each tale. The podcast also features music and sound effects to create an even more eerie atmosphere.

1001 Heroes, Legends, Histories & Mysteries Podcast

This podcast, hosted by Jon Hagadorn, explores different heroes, legends, histories, and mysteries from around the world. Each episode focuses on a specific topic and dives into the history and stories behind it. Hagadorn shares engaging stories as he uncovers the hidden truths of history and legend. He also interviews experts and invites guests to join in on the conversations. From Egyptian pharaohs to the Vikings to tales of the Wild West, this podcast is an entertaining and educational journey into the unknown.

Mysteries and Urban Legends Podcast

Alexandra and Angel explore mysterious and urban legends in this podcast. They discuss everything from ghosts and unsolved mysteries to myths and strange creatures. In each episode, Alexandra and Angel take a deep dive into the history, facts, and theories surrounding each legend or mystery they tackle. They even include personal stories and listener feedback in the episodes, giving their podcast a unique conversational style. Whether you're a fan of the unexplained or just curious to learn more, this podcast has something for everyone.

The Brohio Podcast

Something Scary

Legends of Philadelphia

Two Towns Over: An Urban Legends Podcast

Internet Urban Legends

The Urban Lore Podcast

Legend Podcast

Toshiden: Exploring Japanese Urban Legends

Urban Legends

Urban Legends with the Ghost Brothers

Urban Legends Unmasked

Urban Legends Told By Urban Idiots

Urban Legends PD

Hudson Valley Legends

Urban Legends and Other Dreadful Curiosities

Urban Legends and Scary Stories

Urban Legends By Roshan Gopalakrishnan

Urban Legends and Monsters


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