Sopranos Podcasts

Sopranos Podcasts

Ever listen to these Sopranos Podcasts? We guarantee you'll find some new shows. We found 21 of our favorites.

Poda Bing: a Sopranos retrospective

In this episode of Alternate Thursdays, hosts Joe and Dave take a look back at the classic HBO drama, The Sopranos. They discuss the show's influence and how it changed the world of television. They talk about the characters, their relationships and the importance of family. They also discuss the iconic theme song and how it adds to the show’s atmosphere. The hosts share their favorite moments from the series and explain why they think it is so timeless. Finally, they dissect the show’s finale, hypothesizing what might have happened after the screen went black.

10,000 NOs

Pod Yourself A Gun - A Sopranos Podcast

Acquired Taste w/ Kyle and Brandon

Cut To Black: A Sopranos Sitdown

Sopranos Dynasty Pod

Talking Sopranos

in at the end (an obsessive analysis of The Sopranos)

The Sopranos Show

OH!!!: A Sopranos Podcast

The Sopranos Podcast

It's About Time: A Sopranos Watch Podcast

SUPR Simpsons Show

It’s The Jacket (A Sopranos Podcast)

Fuhgeddaboudit with Vinny Pastore

Gangster Goddess Broad-cast

The Pain Game Podcast


Gabagool - A Sopranos Podcast

The Sibling Sitdown: A Sopranos Podcast

Josh Hasn't Seen The Sopranos


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