Podcasts Listen If Valentine

Podcasts Listen If Valentine

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Valentine's Battle Of The Sexes

This podcast from 104.3 MYFM (KBIG-FM) is a battle of the sexes debate about the holiday, Valentine's Day. Hosts JV and Elena debate whether it is a holiday for men or women. Elena presents her opinion that Valentine's Day is primarily for women, citing that most of the Valentine's Day gifts are focused on women. She also mentions that the holiday is celebrated by men to show appreciation for their female partners. JV disagrees, arguing that Valentine's Day is just another day in which the goal is to show appreciation and love toward your partner, regardless of gender. He also states that there are plenty of Valentine's Day gifts available for men as well. The debate between JV and Elena showcases the different perspectives on Valentine's Day, ultimately concluding that it is a day to show appreciation for your partner, regardless of gender.

The Valentine Show

Aao Suno Kahaani

At home with the dees

The Valentine Experience Podcast W/ Soufside T.Y

Mystic Medicine

The Midlife Makeover Show - Divorce, Empty Nest, Fitness, Health, Mindset, Life After Forty, Fifty, Midlife Women, Midlife Men, Midlife Crisis, Dating After Divorce, Retirement, Menopause, 40, 50

Generation Wealth

Water Into Wine

Can I Tell Ya Somethin?

"4th World Bahamas"

Valentine’s Day


For Valentino

Valentine’s Day

The Story of Mahishasurmardini

The McKeithan Valentine Show

Les Histoires Du Soir De Valentine


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