Podcasts Like Call Her Daddy

Podcasts Like Call Her Daddy

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Better Call Daddy

In this episode of the Reena Friedman Watts podcast, "Better Call Daddy", host Reena Friedman Watts speaks with her father, Dr. David Friedman, about his experiences as a father and a grandfather. Dr. Friedman shares stories and advice about parenting, including his philosophy of allowing children to make mistakes, the importance of having patience and understanding with children, and his top tips on how to be a good dad. He also discusses the importance of maintaining a healthy relationship with his own parents and the impact that his children have had on him and the rest of his family.

Call Her Daddy

The podcast "Call Her Daddy" is hosted by Alex Cooper and Sofia Franklyn and focuses on relationships, sex, and dating advice. Alex and Sofia share stories from their own lives and those of their listeners, offering honest and often raunchy advice to help listeners navigate the modern dating world. They cover topics such as dealing with fear of commitment, being ghosted, and navigating the world of online dating. The podcast also features interviews with celebrities and experts on topics such as sex and dating, providing listeners with an entertaining and informative look at the dating scene.

Call Me Daddy Podcast

Call Her 'Doctor'

What Came Up?

Call Her Daddy Fan Club

Call Me Daddy

Call Him Mommy

The Naked Truth Of Neda.

Call Her Baba

call her mamMa


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