Podcasts In Russian

Podcasts In Russian

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Russian Podcast

In this podcast, Tatiana Klimova discusses the history, culture, and language of Russia. She talks about the origins of the Russian language, its different dialects, and the many influences that have shaped its development over time. She also explores the cultural aspects of Russia, including music, literature, and traditional customs. Finally, she offers practical advice on how to learn Russian, providing tips and resources to help beginners get started with the language.

Russian Rulers History Podcast

This podcast focuses on the history of the Russian state, from its earliest days as Kievan Rus to the present day. Hosted by historian Mark Schauss, it explores the struggles and successes of the Russian rulers and their subjects throughout Russian history. Topics covered include the Mongol invasions, the rise of the Romanovs and the fall of the Soviet Union. Through interviews with experts, conversations with Russians, and audio clips from historic events, the podcast provides a comprehensive overview of both the people and the events that shaped the Russian state.

Comprehensible Russian Podcast | Learn Russian with Max

This podcast discusses how to learn the Russian language in a comprehensible way. Host Max explains some basic grammar topics and provides conversational examples, as well as real-life situations in which a student might find themselves. He also shares some tips on how to make the language more comprehensible, such as listening to native Russian speakers, using flashcards and mnemonic devices, and finding a tutor or language exchange partner. Through this podcast, learners can learn more about the language and culture of Russia, and gain the confidence to start speaking Russian.

Speaking Russian

In this podcast, Elvira Ivanova talks about the importance of learning the Russian language. She explains how the language is complex, yet beautiful, and how it can be used to break down cultural barriers. She also discusses the history of the language and how it has evolved over the centuries. She goes on to discuss the practical benefits of learning Russian, such as having access to a wider range of literature, increased job prospects, and the ability to communicate with more people. Finally, she offers helpful tips for beginners and encourages listeners to start their language journey.

Learn Russian! Russian with Sasha

The Russian History Podcast

Slow Russian

Native Russian

Russian Progress Podcast

Tipsy Tolstoy: Russian Literature for the Inebriated

In Russian From Afar

Russian Radio Show

Monterey Initiative in Russian Studies Podcast

Be Fluent in Russian Podcast


Learn Russian with Dasha

Learn Russian | RussianPod101.com

Intermediate Russian Podcast

Learn Russian With Russian Made Easy

Russian Pod- Stories from Russia

Russian Short Stories

Understanding Spoken Russian

Learn Russian with LinguaBoost

Russian Through Stories| Learn Russian with the Storytelling method

Learning Russian through Stories


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