Podcasts For Learning French

Podcasts For Learning French

Dozens of streamers have explored Podcasts For Learning French. We put together 25 of the best ones.

Learn French with daily podcasts

This podcast provides French language learners with daily lessons and exercises to help them learn the language. Each episode covers a different topic, from basic grammar and vocabulary to more advanced conversations. The podcast also includes cultural and regional information about France, so listeners can get a better understanding of the culture. Additionally, each episode also includes exercises, quizzes, and speaking practice to help reinforce the material.

Learn French by Podcast

Learn French by Podcast is a series of French language lessons produced by Plus Publications. Each episode takes a look at a different topic related to French language and culture, such as grammar, pronunciation, culture, and more. The lessons are accompanied by audio exercises and cultural notes, making them perfect for learners of all levels. The podcast also includes interviews with native French speakers, as well as interviews with language experts.

Learn French Conversation

Coffee Break French

French Blabla

impolyglot | French Podcast

French Made Easy

French Short Stories: Daily short stories in french for intermediate learners

Learn To French

Duolingo French Podcast

Little Talk in Slow French : Learn French through conversations

The French Instinct

French Podcast - Speak French avec Moi

LanguaTalk Slow French: Learn French With Gaëlle | French podcast for A2 & above

Passerelles : a French podcast for intermediate learners

French Through Stories

Un petit caoua? (French Podcast for beginners)

Learn French: French Survival Phrases

French for Beginners

Learn French Naturally

Learning French

Easy French: Learn French through authentic conversations | Conversations authentiques pour apprendre le français

Learn French with Frenchy Stories

The Naked French Podcast | Learn French with Bilingual French - English Podcast

Learn French


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