Podcasts As A Marketing Tool

Podcasts As A Marketing Tool

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Marketing School - Digital Marketing and Online Marketing Tips

This podcast focuses on providing digital and online marketing tips in order to help entrepreneurs and small businesses grow. Hosts Neil Patel and Eric Siu discuss topics related to SEO, content marketing, social media, email marketing, and more. Each episode provides actionable strategies to help listeners build and grow their online presence. Topics range from how to build an effective website, to how to create and optimize content for success, to how to use data to inform marketing decisions. The podcast also features interviews with industry experts, providing listeners with insider knowledge and the latest trends in digital marketing.

MarTech Podcast // Marketing + Technology = Business Growth

This podcast from I Hear Everything covers the latest trends in MarTech (Marketing Technology). Hosts Sean and Steven discuss how marketing technology can help businesses grow, and provide insight into various topics such as customer relationship management (CRM), analytics, automation, and artificial intelligence (AI). They also feature interviews with industry experts who provide insight on using the latest tools and strategies to enhance marketing efforts. The podcast provides actionable advice to help businesses leverage MarTech to succeed in their digital marketing efforts.

Marketing Over Coffee

"Marketing Over Coffee" is a weekly podcast hosted by John J. Wall which focuses on marketing topics and strategies. In each episode, John talks with marketing professionals from various industries about their experiences, thoughts on marketing, and advice for others who may be looking to develop and grow their own marketing strategies. Topics range from digital marketing, SEO, content marketing, email marketing, and more. The podcast is designed to provide listeners with actionable advice and tips to help them in their marketing endeavors.

Ultimate Affiliate Marketing

This podcast discusses the basics of affiliate marketing and how to maximize profits using this method. Paul Mottley describes the key elements to success, such as choosing the right niche, setting up the right affiliate links, and understanding how to optimize campaigns for maximum profit. He also discusses the importance of tracking results and experimenting with different strategies. Lastly, Mottley offers advice on finding the right affiliate partners, building relationships with them, and staying on top of the latest trends in affiliate marketing.

Marketing Your Business - Marketing Strategies for Business Owners

In this podcast, Stu McLaren discusses a variety of marketing strategies that entrepreneurs can use to grow their businesses. He provides advice on how to create an effective marketing plan, the importance of creating an online presence, and how to leverage digital marketing to reach a larger audience. He also explains how to use content marketing to engage customers, how to measure the success of your campaigns, and the importance of creating an email list. Finally, McLaren offers some tips for creating engaging content and strategies for boosting sales.

Agent Survival Guide Podcast

The Marketing Secrets Show

Social Media Marketing School

The CMO Podcast

Marketing Above All

Market Today

Modern Marketing Podcast

The Marketing Millennials

The Marketing Matrix

Growth Marketing Toolbox

The Digital Marketing Podcast

Pinterest Marketing

The Marketing Careers Podcast

The Teacherpreneur Association

Marketing Made Simple

The Ashley Hann Show

The Fantasy Writers' Toolshed

TikTok Marketing Podcast

Marketing Happy Hour

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