Podcasts About Ocean Mysteries

Podcasts About Ocean Mysteries

Thinking about Podcasts About Ocean Mysteries, there is no limit to the podcasters exploring this topic. We assembled 24 of the top ones.

Unexplained Mysteries

This episode of Parcast’s Unexplained Mysteries podcast focuses on the story of the Dyatlov Pass Incident, which took place in the Ural Mountains of Russia in 1959. Nine experienced hikers set off on a ski trek, but only their corpses were found weeks later, scattered around their campsite. The cause of death for six of the hikers was hypothermia, but the remaining three had more serious injuries. To this day, there is no clear explanation for what happened. The podcast explores the possibilities, from an avalanche to a strange form of infrasound to an encounter with indigenous people. A variety of theories have been proposed, but the ultimate cause of the tragedy remains a mystery.

Paranormal Mysteries Podcast

The Paranormal Mysteries Podcast from Paranormal Mysteries is a series of true stories about paranormal and supernatural phenomena, told by people who have experienced them firsthand. It hosts a variety of stories, from stories of ghosts and hauntings, to strange sightings and unexplainable events. Each episode features personal accounts, interviews with experts, and discussions on the science and history behind the paranormal. The podcast also features a variety of episodes exploring different paranormal topics, such as alien abductions, time travel, and psychic abilities. By sharing these stories, the podcast aims to shed light on the possibilities of the paranormal, and to encourage a deeper understanding and investigation of the unknown.


This episode of the podcast Unexplained focuses on a strange phenomenon that is known as the "Bermuda Triangle". Richard MacLean Smith examines this mysterious area of the Atlantic Ocean that has long been associated with strange events and unexplained disappearances. He takes a look at some of the theories that have been proposed to explain the phenomena, from natural causes to supernatural legends. He also discusses some of the possible implications of the Bermuda Triangle, including its potential to challenge existing scientific explanations and theories. Finally, he speaks with experts and other people who have had personal experiences with the Bermuda Triangle and examines some of the ways in which its mysteries can be explored.

Scary Mysteries

Ohio Mysteries

Ocean Matters Podcast

Missing Persons Mysteries

Whale of a Tale: Sea Stories for Kids Who Love the Ocean

Unsolved Mysteries

The Leviathan Chronicles | The Rapscallion Agency

Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen

Southern Mysteries Podcast

The Manchester Man


The House of Mirth

Ocean Matters

History's Great Mysteries

Mysterious Universe

Mysteries And Oddities With Emily

Passing - Nella Larson

Ocean Solutions: a NOISE Lab podcast

Lightfin Casefiles

Gone Overboard

Untold Mysteries (अनकहे रहस्य)


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