Podcasts About Mythology

Podcasts About Mythology

Thinking about Podcasts About Mythology, there is no limit to the hosts who explored this idea. We gathered 25 of our favorites.

Let's Talk About Myths, Baby! Greek & Roman Mythology Retold

This podcast from Liv Albert focuses on retelling the myths of Greek and Roman mythology. Albert discusses the various gods and goddesses that make up these two mythologies and explains their stories in an entertaining and easy to understand way. She also explains how these myths intersect with our modern world, as many of the themes explored in the myths are still relevant today. The podcast covers topics such as family dynamics, power dynamics, love and loss, and adventure. In an effort to make the myths more accessible, Albert takes a modern spin on them and provides insight into how the stories have evolved over time.

Myths and Legends

In this podcast, hosts Jason and Carissa Weiser explore myths and legends from around the world. Each episode covers a different topic and dives deep into the origin stories and fascinating histories of the myths discussed. From Greek gods to Native American folklore and Japanese ghosts to African tricksters, this podcast offers an entertaining and educational look into the world of myths and legends. Along the way, the hosts discuss topics such as the power of storytelling, how myths are used to explain the world around us, and how they reflect our values and culture.


This episode of Parcast's "Mythology" tells the story of the three ancient Greek goddesses of destiny: the Moirai. Also known as the Fates, the Moirai were believed to control the destiny of every living being. The sisters were said to spin, measure, and cut the thread of life of each mortal from birth to death. They were often represented as three old women, and their control over fate was thought to be absolute. The episode discusses the mythology, beliefs, and stories surrounding the sisters, and how they have been represented in literature and art throughout the centuries.

MythVision Podcast


Mythlok - The Home of Mythology

Let's Learn About...

High Mythology

Mythunderstood : A Greek (& other) Mythology Podcast

POTTERNYMS - A Harry Potter Podcast About Wizarding World Words

Bharat Ke Aslee Superheroes (Hindi Mythology Podcast)


Greek Mythology: Short Stories

Namaskar India - Society, Culture, History & Mythology Podcast

Between Two Ravens: A Norse Mythology Podcast

Mythology & Fiction Explained

Greek Gods and Human Mythtakes

Garner's Greek Mythology

Raconteur - History & Mythology

Mythology Central

Mythological Stories In Hindi

Mythological Realm

Fiction & Mythology - Afro Emperor

Sit A Spell: Folklore & Mythology Podcast

Norse Mythology: The Unofficial Guide


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