Podcasts About Critical Race Theory

Podcasts About Critical Race Theory

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New Books in Critical Theory

In this podcast, Marshall Poe interviews Timothy Bewes, author of the new book “The Actuality of Adorno: Critical Theory and Its Contemporary Relevance”. They discuss the ideas of the German-Jewish philosopher, Theodor Adorno, who was a major figure in the Frankfurt School of critical theory and the central figure of the book. Bewes outlines the core principles of Adorno’s work, including his dialectical approach to thinking, his criticisms of mass culture, and his focus on the potential emancipatory potential of aesthetic experience. They also talk about what aspects of Adorno’s work have been overlooked, his relevance to contemporary political debates, and his relationship to the work of other Frankfurt School thinkers such as Max Horkheimer and Herbert Marcuse.

Critical Role

Critical Role is a live-streamed show on Twitch and YouTube, where the cast of professional voice actors and a Dungeon Master play Dungeons and Dragons. The show has become extremely popular, with over a million viewers tuning in for each episode. The show follows the adventures of Vox Machina, a group of adventurers in the campaign world of Exandria. The show combines comedy, drama, and storytelling with a highly detailed game system, making it perfect for anyone who loves to play Dungeons and Dragons. The show has spawned several spin-offs, and has become a cultural phenomenon with fans around the globe.

Critical Role

Critical Role

Critical Readings

The IBCC Podcast

Critical Care Scenarios

Epic Thoughts

The Mind Body Spirit Connection

Maine Source Of Truth Podcast

Thinking Critically

K-12 Education: Untangled — Trends, Issues, and Parental Action for Public Schools

Critical James Theory

Real CRT



A Critical Review of the Literature

Critical Race Jewry

Critical Race Theory

Capp and the Bro's Podcast

Later Than You Think


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