Podcasts About Being The Other Woman

Podcasts About Being The Other Woman

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As a Woman

In this podcast, Dr. Natalie Crawford shares her experience as a woman in the medical field, including her thoughts on the gender gap in the profession and her advice for other women in medicine. She talks about the importance of valuing yourself and your skills, as well as standing up for yourself in the workplace. She emphasizes the need for women to be their own advocates, to take risks, and to not be afraid of failure. She further discusses the need for more leadership and mentorship opportunities for women in medicine, and encourages women to help one another succeed. Finally, she shares her belief that a diverse medical workforce is essential for quality patient care, and encourages everyone to get involved in efforts to close the gender gap.

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Black Women With Other Brothers

FIT Christian Woman - Christian Fitness, Christian Weight Loss, Biblical Weight Loss

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The Other Mother


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