Podcasts About Anthropology

Podcasts About Anthropology

Ever hear these Podcasts About Anthropology? We bet you'll find some new shows. We listed 20 of the best ones.

New Books in Anthropology

This podcast is an interview with David S. G. Thomas, author of the book “The Materiality of Stone: Explorations in Landscape Phenomenology.” In the interview, David talks about his book and its contribution to the anthropology of stone. He explains how his research combines the study of materiality with phenomenology, in order to explore how people interact with the landscape. He also discusses how his research can be used to explain the ways in which people create meaning from the material world, which is then used to shape their relationship with the land. The podcast provides an insight into the importance of materiality in anthropology, and how it can be used to explore landscapes and their meanings.

Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard

Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard is a podcast hosted by actor and comedian Dax Shepard. The podcast focuses on conversations with guests from all walks of life, exploring their stories and experiences. Topics discussed range from relationships, parenting, fame, and addiction, to spirituality and mental health. Throughout the podcast, Dax and his guests share anecdotes and advice in a lighthearted, humorous, and candid manner. The goal of the podcast is to encourage listeners to become armchair experts on the topics discussed, and ultimately become better versions of themselves.

The Arch and Anth Podcast

Pass the Chipotle Podcast

That Anthro Podcast


Running Anthropologist

Speaking of Anthropology

Conversations in Anthropology

"What is Medical Anthropology?"

AnthroBiology Podcast

Anthropological Theory: A podcast created by anthropology students

Anthropology in Business with Matt Artz

Anthropology News Network

Anthropologically Speaking

Forensic Anthropology Companion Podcast

The Accidental Anthropologist

Anthropology of Religion in Hindi

The HOOD Anthropologist podcast

Trip Anthropologist Podcast


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