Lutheran Podcasts

Lutheran Podcasts

Thinking about Lutheran Podcasts, there is no limit to the podcasters talking about this idea. Here are 25 of our favorites.

Lutheran Preaching and Teaching from St. John Random Lake, Wisconsin

In this podcast, Rev. Christopher Gillespie of St. John Lutheran Church in Random Lake, Wisconsin talks about the importance of preaching and teaching God’s Word in the Lutheran Church. He explains how this type of preaching and teaching are essential to the spiritual growth of Christians, and how it can help lead people to a deeper understanding and relationship with God. He also discusses the importance of being faithful to the teachings of the Bible and the Lutheran Confessions, and how it is necessary to be grounded in the Word in order to be effective in ministry. Finally, he gives some examples of how he has used preaching and teaching to reach out to his community.

St. Paul Lutheran Church Sermons

This podcast from St. Paul Lutheran Church in Austin, TX features sermons from their weekly worship services. Each episode features a sermon that has been prepared by one of the pastors or another clergy member of the church. The topics of the sermons range from traditional Christian themes to more modern issues and struggles. The sermons are often accompanied by music, readings, and prayers. Through this podcast, the church aims to share the Good News of the Gospel in a way that is meaningful and applicable to those who are listening.

St. Luke's Lutheran Church

St. Luke's Lutheran Church & School is a Lutheran church and school dedicated to providing a faith-based education to students in grades K-8. The podcast episode covers the church's mission and how it has grown and changed over the years. The podcast also features interviews with members of the congregation who discuss their experiences with the church and how it has impacted their lives. The podcast also features information on the school's programs and how they offer a faith-based education to students. Additionally, the podcast discusses the church's community service projects and how the church is involved in its local community. Finally, the podcast talks about how St. Luke's is dedicated to providing a safe and nurturing environment for its students and families.

Being Lutheran Podcast

The "Being Lutheran Podcast" hosted by Pastor Jason Gudim is a podcast aimed at helping people understand Lutheran theology. In each episode, Pastor Gudim discusses various topics related to the Lutheran faith including its history, beliefs, and practices. Each episode also includes interviews with Lutheran scholars, theologians, and pastors. The podcast seeks to help both believers and those who are curious about Lutheranism better understand the faith and its teachings. Additionally, Gudim aims to be an authoritative source on Lutheranism and to provide listeners with resources to further explore Lutheranism.

The Lutheran Hour

The Lutheran Hour is a weekly radio program produced by Lutheran Hour Ministries. It is a 30-minute broadcast that explores the weekly lectionary readings with biblical insights and up-to-date topics. Each week, the program features a message from a pastor or guest speaker, prayers, and music from Christian artists. The Lutheran Hour encourages listeners to grow in their faith and reach out to others with God's love.

St. Lorenz Lutheran Church

Mt. Zion Lutheran Church

Armed Lutheran Radio

St. Mark's Lutheran Church by the Narrows (ELCA), Tacoma, WA

Sheridan Lutheran Church

Peace In Christ Lutheran Church Sermons

Scripture First

Lutheran Church of Hope Sermons – West Des Moines

Hope Ames - Lutheran Church of Hope

University Lutheran Chapel Ann Arbor - Sermons

The Lutheran Witness Podcast

The Lutheran Cartographer

922 Ministries - The CORE & St. Peter Lutheran - Appleton, WI Sermons

As Lutheran As It Gets

Daily Devotions from Holy Trinity Lutheran Church

Lutheran Answers

Augustana Lutheran Podcast

Luther: In Real Time

The Lutheran History Podcast

Becoming Lutheran


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