Hockey Podcasts

Hockey Podcasts

Ever listen to these Hockey Podcasts? We bet you'll find some new shows. Here are 25 of the top ones.

The Hockey Podcast Network

The Hockey Podcast Network is a podcast network dedicated to bringing hockey fans from around the world a variety of shows to listen to and enjoy. The network features a range of different hockey content, from interviews with players and coaches to news, analysis, and debate. It also covers various different leagues and levels of hockey, from the NHL to junior and college. The Hockey Podcast Network is a great resource for hockey fans to get their fix and stay up to date with the latest hockey news.

Flyers Daily with Jason Myrtetus

Flyers Daily with Jason Myrtetus is a podcast from the Philadelphia Flyers. Hosted by Jason Myrtetus, the podcast features interviews with current and former Flyers players, coaching staff and front office personnel. Myrtetus and his guests discuss the latest news, events and happenings surrounding the team. They also look at the team's history, discuss players' stories and reflect on the team's culture. Additionally, Myrtetus breaks down the team's latest games, looks ahead to upcoming matchups and provides analysis of the players' performance. The podcast provides fans with an inside look into the Philadelphia Flyers organization.

Puck Podcast

The Puck Podcast is a weekly podcast hosted by Eddie Garcia and Doug Stolhand, two passionate hockey fans who discuss the sport of hockey as it pertains to the NHL, AHL, CHL, and other leagues. They discuss the latest news, stories, and opinion pieces related to the sport, while also providing insight and analysis on games, teams, and players. They also have interviews with players, coaches, and other experts, who provide unique perspectives on the game. They also have a segment dedicated to discussing the history of the game and its impact on popular culture. The Puck Podcast is an entertaining and informative way to stay up to date on the world of hockey.

Keeping Karlsson Fantasy Hockey Podcast

Elan Dubrofsky and Brian Kom's Keeping Karlsson Fantasy Hockey Podcast is a weekly podcast dedicated to helping fantasy hockey players make the most informed decisions possible. Each week, Elan and Brian provide updates on player news, trends and stats, and offer analysis and advice on how to make the most of each player's potential. They also provide listeners with a variety of interesting and informative segments such as injury reports, fantasy trade proposals and waiver wire recommendations. The Keeping Karlsson podcast is a great resource for hockey fans looking to get the most out of their fantasy hockey teams.

The Hockey News Podcast

The Hockey News Podcast is a weekly podcast hosted by senior writer and editor Matt Larkin, and it covers all the latest news and events in the hockey world. Each episode features interviews with players and coaches, in-depth analysis of key games, up-to-date information on trades and signings, and much more. The podcast also offers exclusive insights and opinions from some of the biggest names in hockey. It’s the perfect way to stay on top of all the latest news and developments in the sport.

The Hockey PDOcast

The Hockey PDOcast, hosted by Dimitri Filipovic and Stephen Burtch, takes a deep dive into the numbers that drive the NHL. Through their analysis of the data and interviews with hockey insiders, the podcast explores the “what ifs” and “why nots” of the NHL, offering insight and analysis that can’t be found anywhere else. From player evaluation, to forecasting the future of the game, to breaking down the most recent trade and free-agent signings, the Hockey PDOcast provides fans with an informative and entertaining look at the statistical side of hockey.

The Athletic Hockey Show

The Athletic Hockey Show is a weekly podcast hosted by James Mirtle and Steve Dangle. The show features in-depth discussions about the NHL, both from the perspective of fans and from the perspective of professionals. Each week, the show dives deep into the NHL and its teams, players, and coaches, with a specific focus on the week’s biggest stories. Fans can expect lively debates and analysis, as well as exclusive interviews with some of the game’s top players and personalities. The Athletic Hockey Show is a must-listen for any hockey fan.

Five Hole Fantasy Hockey Podcast

This fantasy hockey podcast is hosted by Tim Branson, Zac Vogel, and Mike Rogerson. They focus on providing advice and insight into the world of fantasy hockey, discussing the latest news and developments in the sport. They cover a variety of topics, including the player of the week, team analysis, the impact of trades and injuries, and player value. They also provide helpful tips and strategies on how to build a successful fantasy hockey team. In addition, the podcast features interviews with hockey stars and other personalities from the hockey world.

Sound Of Hockey - Seattle Kraken Hockey Podcast

The Sound Of Hockey podcast is a weekly show about the NHL's newest expansion team, the Seattle Kraken. Hosts Steve Lee and Andy Eide bring listeners up to date on the latest news and developments with the Kraken, from the coaching staff to the draft to the team's new arena. They also discuss tactics, player signings, and even the team's jersey designs. In addition to the weekly show, Lee and Eide also host the Sound Of Hockey podcast's "Podcast Network," a collection of additional shows about hockey leagues and teams around the world. The Sound Of Hockey podcast is an essential source of information for all Seattle Kraken fans.

The Hockey Think Tank Podcast

The Hockey Think Tank Podcast is a weekly podcast hosted by Jake Goldberg and Brendan Dzwierzynski. They bring in NHL experts, former players, and analytics experts to discuss the current state of the NHL. They delve into various topics such as the analytics revolution, player evaluation, team building, and the future of the NHL. They also discuss other areas of hockey such as prospect development, the draft, and coaching. The podcast is designed to give listeners insight into the business and analytics side of the game.

Locked On NHL - Daily Podcast On The National Hockey League

Judd's Hockey Show - a Minnesota Wild podcast

Puck Soup

After The Whistle

The Ray & Dregs Hockey Podcast

That's Hockey Talk

The Lindroth Hockey Podcast

Hockey IQ Podcast

Hockey Gambling Podcast

The Hockey Show Podcast

YHH Hockey Podcasts

Youth Hockey Podcast

Evolving Hockey Podcast

Cold Stove: A Hockey Podcast



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