Forex Podcasts

Forex Podcasts

Ever hear these Forex Podcasts? We know for sure you'll find some new shows. We gathered 25 of the top ones.

Global Market Insights - Forex, Futures, Stocks

This podcast from provides an overview of the global markets. It covers the basics of Forex, Futures, and Stock trading, as well as the benefits and risks associated with such investments. It goes over some of the major players in the market and how they affect prices, and offers tips and insights on how to successfully navigate the market. Finally, it provides an outlook into what can be expected in the future of global markets.

Forex News

This podcast from oil aucast provides an overview of the latest news and updates in the forex market. Hosts discuss topics such as global macroeconomic events, upcoming central bank policy decisions, and technical analysis of the forex market. They also talk about the impact of recent geopolitical events and geopolitical risk on the forex market. The podcast provides insight and analysis from experts in the forex space, giving listeners an idea of what to expect in the future.

Forex Beginner Podcast | Daily Forex Trader Motivation & Trading Tips

The Forex Beginner Podcast is designed for beginner traders looking for motivation and tips for improving their Forex trading skills. Hosted by Calvin, a professional Forex trader and mentor, the podcast covers topics such as understanding the basics of Forex trading, developing a trading strategy, and mastering the art of risk management. Additionally, Calvin provides trading tips and motivation to help traders stay motivated and focused. The podcast also features interviews with experienced traders to share their secrets of successful trading and help beginners learn from their experience. It's a great resource for beginner traders looking to learn more about Forex trading.

Desire To Trade Podcast | Forex Trading & Interviews with Highly Successful Traders

Etienne Crete’s Desire To Trade Podcast provides an in-depth overview of forex trading as well as interviews with highly successful traders. It covers topics such as why traders should learn trading, how to develop a good trading strategy, the benefits of trading, and the importance of risk management. The podcast also features interviews with successful traders from around the world who share their experiences and trading strategies. In addition, Crete provides personal advice and guidance on how to become a successful trader. The podcast is informative, insightful, and entertaining and provides an excellent opportunity for traders to learn from successful traders and gain valuable insights into the forex trading industry.

Desire To Trade Podcast | Forex Trading & Interviews with Highly Successful Traders

The Desire To Trade Podcast is a weekly podcast hosted by Etienne Crete, a traveling Forex trader. On the podcast, Etienne interviews highly successful traders from around the world to share their best trading tips and strategies. The podcast covers topics related to Forex trading, including risk management, trading psychology, technical analysis, and money management. Etienne also shares his own experiences as a trader and offers valuable insights into the trading industry. The podcast is designed to be a great resource for those looking to improve their trading skills and become more profitable traders.

Online Forex Trading Course

This episode of the Online Forex Trading Course podcast covers the basics of forex trading, including how to analyze the market and make informed trading decisions. Topics discussed include how to choose a trading platform, the fundamentals of Forex trading, how to manage risk and protect profits, and how to develop a trading strategy. The podcast also provides listeners with tips and strategies from experienced Forex traders.

Trading Nut | Trader Interviews - Forex, Futures, Stocks (Robots & More)

The podcast "Trading Nut | Trader Interviews - Forex, Futures, Stocks (Robots & More)" is hosted by Cam Hawkins. In this podcast, Cam interviews a variety of successful traders from all parts of the globe. He dives into their trading strategies and experiences to gain a better understanding of the different trading approaches used in different markets. Some of the topics discussed include the use of robots, trading strategies, risk management, and other trading psychology topics. Cam also provides his own insights on the topics discussed and provides valuable advice to traders of all levels.

Trading with Venus Podcast: Forex Trading

Trading Psychology: The Think Profit Podcast

Forex Q&A

My Forex journey from the bottom to the top to be a profitable consistent trader


Forex Mastery

Aprende Forex

Forex Trading Coach Podcast

Forex Faction: The Journey to Financial Freedom


Let’s Talk Forex with Alison and Chris


Forex Basics

Trading and Investing with Dr Forex

Day Trading Forex with Jerrell Coleman

Forex Gump PODCAST

Joseph Hopkins Savage NADEX Forex Trading

Forex วิทยา


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