Fictioj Podcasts About War

Fictioj Podcasts About War

Several podcasters have reported on Fictioj Podcasts About War. We put together 25 of our favorites.


In this episode of History Hit, host Dan Snow explores the history of warfare and covers topics such as how warfare has changed over the centuries, how technology has impacted how wars were fought and the role of civilians in wars. He focuses on the development of weapons, tactics, and strategy, and interviews historian Saul David to discuss what makes a great military leader. He also discusses the use of propaganda in wars, and talks about the psychological impact of warfare on soldiers, as well as its effect on civilian populations.

War Stories with Preston and Sayre

War Stories with Preston and Sayre is a podcast hosted by Preston Stewart and Sayre Quevedo, two veterans of the United States military. The podcast covers a wide range of topics related to the military and veterans, from mental health issues and PTSD to the unique experiences of serving in the armed forces. The hosts draw on their personal stories and experiences to discuss the challenges and rewards of serving in the military. They also interview various guests with military backgrounds and explore the veterans’ community from different perspectives. The podcast is an opportunity for veterans to share their stories, build community, and find support.

Ancient Warfare Podcast

The Ancient Warfare Podcast is a weekly podcast that focuses on the military history of the ancient world, from the Bronze Age to the Late Roman Empire. Hosted by John Serrato, a historian and veteran, each episode focuses on a different battle, campaign, or leader. Topics include the Persian and Peloponnesian wars, Alexander the Great, Caesar’s Gallic Wars, and the rise of the Roman Empire. The podcast also covers the strategies, tactics, and technology used by ancient armies, and explores the lives of the generals and soldiers who fought in these wars. In addition, the podcast delves into the political and economic context of these conflicts, and discusses how they shaped the world we know today.

WW2 Podcast

This podcast discusses the history of World War II and its impact on the world. It covers topics such as the role of the United States and other countries in the war, major battles, and famous figures. It also looks at the political, economic, and social effects of the conflict and its legacy. Wallace delves into the motivations and decisions of the Allied and Axis powers, and examines various aspects of the war, including technology, tactics, and strategy. By the end, listeners will have a better understanding of why World War II was one of the most important events in history.

Podcast on Germany

War Stories Official Podcast

Fighting On Film

Warriors In Their Own Words | First Person War Stories

Fighting Through WW2 & WWII history

The Voices of War

The Unknown Soldiers Podcast

The 1914-1918 War Podcast

WW2 Nation Podcast

A Fictional Nerd

World of Warships Podcast

Fiction Fixation

School of War

Ten Years War


Echoes of the Vietnam War

Nations of the World

The Pacific War Channel Podcast

War Stories

Warbirds - Tales From Above

The Diarist ~ Fiction Podcast


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