Fantasy Story Podcasts

Fantasy Story Podcasts

So many hosts have talked about Fantasy Story Podcasts. We assembled 25 of our favorites.

FantasyPros - Fantasy Football Podcast

FantasyPros - Fantasy Football Podcast is a podcast hosted by Fantasy Football experts Bobby Sylvester, Mike Tagliere and Mike Wright. The podcast focuses on helping fantasy football players make better decisions, providing tips and strategy advice to help players dominate their leagues. The podcast also addresses questions from listeners and provides insights into who to draft, who to pick up off the waiver wire, and more. The podcast is intended to provide fantasy football players with the knowledge and resources they need to be successful in their leagues.

TALL TALE TV - Sci-Fi and Fantasy Short Stories

TALL TALE TV is a science fiction and fantasy podcast that features short stories from authors around the world. Each episode features a new story and its accompanying music, as well as interviews with the authors and reviewers. Listeners can expect to find tales of robots, dragons, space adventures, and more. The stories range from humorous to dark, and the podcast seeks to provide an inclusive variety of stories to its audience. The podcast provides a platform for authors to showcase their work and to promote diversity in the fantasy and science fiction genres.

Myths and Legends

In this podcast, Jason and Carissa Weiser explore various myths and legends from around the world. Every episode, they pick a different myth or legend and discuss its origin and potential meaning. They cover topics such as ancient Greek gods and goddesses, Norse gods and goddesses, Native American stories and more. They also provide insights on how these stories reflect the cultures from which they originated. By providing a unique blend of educational information and entertaining storytelling, the Weisers bring these myths and legends to life.

Ultima Final Fantasy

#WizardTeam: A Black Fantasy Podcast

Stories from the Woods - Original Children/Kid Stories Podcast

The Raythe Reign Gay Fiction Podcast

Friends Talking Fantasy Podcast

Naughty Jane's Erotic Stories

Talerotica Naughty Sex Stories

Wizards, Warriors, & Words: A Fantasy Writing Advice Podcast

Strange Fantasy

Storytime With Savannah / Kids Stories

Kids Stories: Dinosaur, Roar!|Dinosaur World and Friends|Free

The Fantasy Writers' Toolshed


Nightmare Magazine - Horror and Dark Fantasy Story Podcast (Audiobook | Short Stories)

Aethuran Dark Saga - A Dark Fantasy Audio Fiction

Erotic Stories Network

Sleep and Sorcery | Folklore & Fantasy-Inspired Sleep Stories

The Call of the Flame

Omen | A Fantasy Audio Drama

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Stories


Fantasy Stories


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