College Podcasts

College Podcasts

Have you heard all of these College Podcasts? We know for sure you'll find some new shows. Here are 25 of our favorites.

Draft Dudes – Daily Podcast On The NFL Draft And College Football

The Draft Dudes podcast is an entertaining and informative show hosted by Kyle Crabbs and Joe Marino, both of whom are experienced NFL analysts. The show discusses the latest news and rumors around the NFL draft, college football, and the scouting process. The podcast also features a variety of guests, such as current and former players, scouts, and media personalities. Topics are broken down into detailed, easy-to-follow discussions to help listeners understand the complicated world of the NFL draft. Throughout the show, Kyle and Joe offer their insights and opinions on the latest news and rumors. The podcast is a great resource for anyone interested in learning more about the NFL draft and college football.

Cover 3 College Football

Cover 3 College Football is a weekly podcast from CBS Sports hosted by Tom Fornelli and Chip Patterson. The show focuses on college football news and analysis, with the hosts giving their takes on the biggest stories of the week, as well as their picks for the upcoming games. Additionally, they discuss the latest in recruiting news and provide insight into the best teams and players in college football. They also provide a preview of the upcoming week's matchups and take a look back at some of the best plays from the previous week. The show is a great way for college football fans to stay up to date on all the latest news, analysis, and picks.

Eye On College Basketball

The Eye On College Basketball podcast is hosted by CBS Sports' Gary Parrish and Matt Norlander. It is a weekly podcast focused on all of the top college basketball news and topics. Each episode, Gary and Matt discuss the major stories from the week, such as the NCAA Tournament and NBA Draft. They also provide analysis and commentary on the teams, players, and coaches that make up the college basketball landscape. They provide insight on the matchups each week, as well as highlight the biggest games, performances, and moments from the sport. Additionally, they frequently have guests on the show to further discuss college basketball topics.

The Solid Verbal - College Football Podcast

The Solid Verbal is a weekly podcast for college football fans hosted by Ty Hildenbrandt and Dan Rubenstein. Each episode, the hosts discuss the biggest news and stories from the college football landscape, and offer their analysis and perspectives. The podcast also features a wide array of guests, including players, coaches and media members. The show provides an entertaining and informative look into the world of college football, and the hosts strive to engage the audience with interactive segments, such as "Groupthink" and the "Top Five List."

College Football Enquirer

In the podcast "College Football Enquirer" from Yahoo Sports, hosts Matt Stroup and Steve Cohen discuss the hottest topics in the world of college football. They talk about the biggest stories, players, and games from the previous week, as well as what to watch for in the coming weeks. Additionally, the hosts also provide their predictions for the upcoming games and provide insight on which teams have the best chances of victory. They also answer listener questions and provide inside information on the college football landscape.

Your College Bound Kid

Mark Stucker's podcast, "Your College Bound Kid," is a practical guide for parents to help them navigate the college-bound process with their children. He covers topics such as setting academic and extracurricular goals, the college admissions process, financial aid, and the importance of having the right mindset when approaching college. He also interviews college counselors, college admissions officers, and current college students to gain insight from their perspectives and experiences. The podcast is designed to equip parents with the necessary tools and knowledge to help their children to make the most of their college search and admission process.

Declassified College Podcast | College Advice That Isn't Boring

Declassified College Podcast is a show that offers practical, down-to-earth college advice that isn’t boring. Hosts Luke and Sydney give their take on all aspects of college, from choosing a major to finding a job after college. Their advice is rooted in personal experiences, research, and interviews with experts and professionals. They cover topics such as applying to college, finding internships, and living on a budget. The podcast also provides an entertaining perspective on college life, with an emphasis on having fun in college. Whether you’re a high school senior considering college, an undergraduate student looking for career advice, or someone who just wants to stay informed about higher education, Declassified College Podcast can help.

Collegehood Advice

Katy Oliveira, founder of Collegehood Advice, provides valuable advice to college students on a variety of topics. She talks about the importance of taking initiative, setting goals, and finding balance in life. She encourages students to take advantage of the resources available to them on campus and to develop relationships with their peers and professors. She also provides advice about managing stress, budgeting, and studying for exams. Finally, she advises students to take time for themselves and to enjoy the college experience.

Split Zone Duo: College Football Podcast

Split Zone Duo is a college football podcast created by two football fanatics, Mark and Andy. In each episode, they discuss the latest news and developments in the world of college football, including recruiting, schedules, rankings, and much more. Along the way, they provide in-depth analysis, humorous anecdotes, and banter about the game they both love. They also share their personal experiences and stories related to the sport. Through the podcast, they strive to provide an entertaining and informative experience for fans of college football.

The College Investor Audio Show

Locked On SEC – Daily College Football & Basketball Podcast

Heartland College Sports: Big 12 College Football Podcast

The College Basketball Experience

College Football Live

The College Success Habits Podcast

The Joel Klatt Show: A College Football Podcast

College Life Podcast

Three Man Weave: College Basketball Podcast

CollegeHumor's Um, Actually

Cocktail College

College Thoughts

ESPN College GameDay

VSiN College Football Betting Podcast

College Podcast

The College Complete Podcast


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