Best Writer Podcasts

Best Writer Podcasts

Have you heard these Best Writer Podcasts? We bet you'll find some new shows. We listed 25 of the best ones.

Writer's Bone

Writer's Bone is a podcast hosted by Daniel Ford, a freelance writer and author, and a crew of other writers. The show features interviews with authors, editors, literary agents, and other publishing professionals about the craft and business of writing. They also discuss the creative processes and strategies behind the production of good writing. The show takes a humorous and often irreverent look at the writing life, offering valuable advice and insight into the industry.

Helping Writers Become Authors

K.M. Weiland's podcast "Helping Writers Become Authors" is designed to help writers take the necessary steps to achieve their writing goals. She covers topics such as character development, story structure, plot, dialogue, point of view, world-building, and much more. Weiland also shares her own experiences as a successful author, as well as interviews with other authors, editors, and publishing professionals who offer advice and insight into the world of writing and publishing. This podcast is a great resource for writers of all levels, offering practical advice and tips to help them get the most out of their writing journey.

The Writer Files: Writing, Productivity, Creativity, and Neuroscience

In this podcast, Kelton Reid interviews Dr. Steven Kotler, a New York Times bestselling author, award-winning journalist, entrepreneur and co-founder of the Flow Genome Project. They discuss the science behind flow states, the neuroscience of creativity, the power of focus, and productivity hacks for writers. Dr. Kotler shares his insights into what drives creativity and how to avoid common productivity traps. He also talks about the importance of understanding the psychology of reward when taking on creative tasks and emphasizes the value of establishing systems and structures to help build sustainable creative habits.

Writer's Routine

In this podcast, Dan Simpson talks about the importance of having a writing routine and provides tips for creating one. He suggests having a dedicated time and place for writing, and setting a goal for the amount of time that you spend writing each day. Simpson also recommends having a writing habit, such as writing the same amount of words each day or setting a timer for yourself. He also emphasizes the need for breaks, allowing yourself to rest and recharge in order to be more productive. Finally, Simpson encourages writers to be flexible with themselves and to not be discouraged if things don’t go as planned.

Best of the Spectator

Speaking of Writers

Story Grid Writing Podcast

Become a Writer Today

How Writers Write by HappyWriter

Successful Writer Podcast

The Creative Writer's Toolbelt

Best Old Time Radio Shows Mystery Theater Podcast

Wizards, Warriors, & Words: A Fantasy Writing Advice Podcast

Writer Unleashed

Best Podcast in Baseball

Midnight Writer News Show


Cops and Writers Podcast

The Writerly Life

Fiction Writing Made Easy

Write-minded: Weekly Inspiration for Writers


Beautiful Writers Podcast


The Fantasy Writers' Toolshed


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