Best Ghost Podcasts

Best Ghost Podcasts

Many hosts have talked about Best Ghost Podcasts. We assembled 25 of our favorites.

Real Life Ghost Stories

Real Life Ghost Stories is a podcast that explores the real-life stories of people who believe they have experienced the paranormal. Each episode features an interview with someone who has had a unique and frightening encounter. They discuss their experiences and provide detail into their recollection of what happened. From hauntings to apparitions, these stories explore the strange and unexplainable events that have impacted the lives of everyday people. The stories are eerie and often leave listeners with more questions than answers. Whether true or not, it is certain that these are some of the spookiest real-life ghost stories around.

Real Ghost Stories Online

This podcast from Real Ghost Stories Online provides listeners with a chilling selection of true ghost stories from around the world. The stories range from eerie encounters in the home to spine-tingling sightings in public places. The podcast also features commentary from ghost experts, as well as interviews with people who have experienced the supernatural first-hand. Listeners are encouraged to take the stories to heart and to draw their own conclusions about the paranormal.

Two Girls One Ghost

In this episode of Two Girls One Ghost, hosts Libby and Kim explore the phenomenon of ghost hunting and delve into a few of the more mysterious cases that have been reported in the past. They discuss the prospect of different kinds of ghostly activity and how to tell the difference between a real ghost and a hoax. Libby and Kim also discuss the various theories behind why ghosts exist, the implications that paranormal activity can have on people’s lives, and how to safely interact with spirits. They also talk about their own personal experiences with ghosts, as well as a few of the most popular ghost hunting techniques. Finally, they discuss the importance of respecting the dead and being aware of the power that spirits can have.

Ghost of a Podcast: Astrology & Advice with Jessica Lanyadoo

This podcast from astrologer and psychic medium Jessica Lanyadoo offers listeners advice and guidance on various aspects of their lives, including love, work, family, and more. Lanyadoo explores a wide range of topics, such as the impact of astrological events, the power of tarot readings, and the importance of self-care. She also shares her own personal experiences and reflections on life, offering insight and wisdom to those who seek it. The podcast also features interviews with experts in the field of astrology, as well as special guests who offer their own perspectives on the topics being discussed.


Ghostrunners is a podcast hosted by Jake Triplett and Brad Ellis that focuses on the paranormal, urban legends, and the supernatural. It features interviews with experts, eyewitness accounts, and audio clips of strange and unexplained phenomena. In each episode, the hosts explore the topics of ghosts, spirit sightings, haunted locations, and other mysteries. They also discuss their own personal experiences with the paranormal and often bring in outside researchers and eyewitnesses to share their knowledge and stories. From hauntings and mysterious occurrences to creepy legends and urban myths, Ghostrunners covers it all.

Creepy Ghost Stories - Tales From The Grave

Paranormal Mysteries Podcast

Darkest Mysteries from Reddit 2022 - Best Reddit Stories Podcast 2022

The Ghost Story Guys

Classic Ghost Stories

My Therapist Ghosted Me

1001 Ghost Stories & Tales of the Macabre

Ghost Stories the Podcast

The Holy Ghost Notes Podcast

The Dark Paranormal

The Ghosties Podcast

Haunted Places: Ghost Stories

The Night Owl: True Ghost Stories

Chilling True Tales - True Ghost and Paranormal Stories

Haunted UK Podcast

Ghost Tales by the Fireside - True Ghost Stories Podcast

Paper Ghosts

I Scare Ghosts

When Ghosts Speak

Aliens UFOs and Ghost Stories


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