Best Feminist Podcasts

Best Feminist Podcasts

Have you heard these Best Feminist Podcasts? We promise you'll find some new shows. Here are 25 of the best ones.

Your Angry Neighborhood Feminist

In this episode of Madigan's podcast, Your Angry Neighborhood Feminist, host Madigan explores the importance of intersectionality and self-care in the feminist movement. She also dives into the idea of “fem-wokeness,” which is the idea of being open to different intersections of feminism. Madigan discusses how the most effective way to be an advocate is to reach out to individuals who may not understand or identify with feminism and engage them in conversation. She explains how understanding the different intersections of feminism is key to making sure all voices are heard and respected. Finally, Madigan talks about the importance of self-care for those who are involved in the feminist movement and discusses how it can help prevent burnout.

The Guilty Feminist

The Guilty Feminist is a podcast hosted by Deborah Frances-White, a British comedian, writer, and actor. In each episode, Frances-White and her guests explore the funny side of living as a modern feminist. Through conversations, interviews, and comedy sketches, listeners are invited to share their guiltiest thoughts and feelings about being a feminist, such as feelings of hypocrisy, insecurity, and fear of judgement. The podcast aims to bring solidarity and understanding to the feminist movement by normalizing guilt and championing imperfection. The podcast also focuses on highlighting the work of female activists, creators, and leaders from around the world.

Feminist Frequency Radio

Feminist Frequency Radio is a podcast hosted by Anita Sarkeesian, Carolyn Petit, and Ebony Adams. The trio discuss topics related to intersectional feminism, share their thoughts and experiences, and have conversations with special guests from around the world. The podcast's mission is to create an accessible and inclusive space to discuss feminist issues and to explore the impact of media and technology on our everyday lives. Each episode features discussions around current events, pop culture, and technology and how it intersects with feminism and social justice. The podcast also aims to challenge and expand people’s perspectives, inspiring them to think more deeply about the media they consume and how it affects us all.


Unladylike is a podcast from Starburns Audio and Unladylike Media that explores the stories of women who live boldly, challenge the status quo, and have the courage to take risks. Each episode features inspiring interviews with women who are making a difference in the world and discusses taboo topics such as racism, sexism, privilege, and more. Hosts Cristen Conger and Caroline Ervin also offer practical tips and advice on how to make a positive impact in our own lives and the lives of others.

Feminist Wellness

In this episode of the podcast, Victoria Albina discusses the concept of feminist wellness and how it is connected to the feminist movement. She explains how the idea of feminist wellness is rooted in the notion of self-care and how it can be used to amplify the feminist movement. She also talks about the importance of recognizing our own mental, physical, and emotional needs and how these can be addressed through self-care practices. She also discusses the importance of creating supportive networks and communities within the feminist movement, as well as how feminist wellness can be used to create social change. Finally, she provides advice on how to be an effective and empowered feminist ally.

Treks and the City

The Date Brazen Podcast

Feminist Book Club: The Podcast

The Faithful Feminists Podcast

The Fat Feminist Witch

Real talk about Feminism: A Podcast for Female Empowerment and Gender Equality

Feminist Survival Podcast


Feminist Hotdog

My Favorite Feminists

Feminist Buzzkills Live: The Podcast

The Feminist Present

Masala Podcast: The South Asian feminist podcast

Feminist Current

The Feminist Lens

Black Feminist & Bookish

Feminist Popcorn

PHIL 2500 Introduction to Feminist Philosophy

A Witch, A Mystic & A Feminist ... The Podcast

Frau am Steuer - Der Podcast


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