Top Medical Podcasts

Top Medical Podcasts

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TopMedTalk is a podcast designed to inform medical professionals about the latest developments in the medical industry. Hosts Carole Horlock and Desiree Chappell discuss a variety of topics, from the latest medical research to the impact of technology on medicine, to the changing landscape of healthcare. The podcast features interviews with experts in the medical field, who share their thoughts on the most current and pressing issues in the industry. Each episode of TopMedTalk is designed to provide valuable information and insight to the healthcare professional.

Emergency Medical Minute

Emergency Medical Minute is a podcast focused on topics related to emergency medical services. It features interviews with medical experts and industry professionals who discuss a variety of topics related to emergency medical services, including medical trends, career advice, and new technologies. Each episode also includes a "minute" with a medical expert who provides a brief overview of an emergency medical service topic. The podcast is useful for those who work in the medical field or are interested in learning more about the field.

New England Journal of Medicine Interviews

The New England Journal of Medicine Interviews is a podcast that features interviews with world-renowned experts in the field of medicine. The podcast covers a range of topics, from the latest medical breakthroughs to the challenges facing the medical profession today. Guests on the podcast discuss the latest research and clinical practice, as well as career paths and opportunities within the medical field. The podcast also explores the role of medical ethics and the importance of patient-centered care. Other topics of discussion include the impact of digital health technology and how artificial intelligence is reshaping the industry. The podcast is a great way to stay up to date on the latest developments in the field of medicine.

The Curbsiders Internal Medicine Podcast

The Curbsiders Internal Medicine Podcast is a weekly podcast hosted by three board-certified internists, Dr. Paul Williams, Dr. Manpreet Singh, and Dr. Matt Watto. Each episode focuses on a specific internal medicine topic and is designed to help practicing clinicians stay up to date with current evidence. The podcast also covers topics related to medical education, primary care, and professional development. Through educational and entertaining conversations, the podcast seeks to help providers improve their patient care and stay current with the ever-changing landscape of clinical medicine.

Emergency Medicine Cases

In this podcast, Dr. Anton Helman discusses a range of topics related to the field of emergency medicine. He covers the latest clinical research and evidence-based guidelines, as well as sharing insights from his own clinical experience. He also interviews and speaks with various experts in the field, providing advice and tips for fellow clinicians. In addition, he reviews various cases and discusses treatment options, as well as examining common diagnostic errors and how best to avoid them. The podcast provides a comprehensive overview of the field of emergency medicine.

Emergency Medicine Board Bombs

This podcast from EM Board Bombs focuses on helping medical students and physicians prepare for their Emergency Medicine Board Exams. The episode covers topics such as rapid fire board question review, tips on how to study for and pass the board exams, and advice on successful board preparation. The podcast also features interviews with members of the Emergency Medicine community to discuss their study strategies, techniques, and tips for success. Finally, the episode also provides listeners with practice board questions that can be used to test their understanding of the material covered.

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