Qi Podcasts

Qi Podcasts

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Qiological Podcast

The Qiological Podcast is hosted by Michael Max, a medical professional and acupuncturist. The podcast focuses on integrating Eastern and Western medicine to promote holistic health and healing. Max draws on his experience as a medical professional and acupuncturist to discuss topics like mindfulness, nutrition, stress management, and the importance of integrating Eastern and Western medicine. The podcast is aimed at anyone interested in learning more about the body and mind connection. It also provides a platform for experts to share their insights, experiences, and perspectives on a variety of topics related to holistic health and healing.

The Reality Revolution Podcast

Heavenly Qi

Qiology - the art of health podcast

Qi Life Mastery Podcast

The Womb Room Podcast

¿Sabes que es el Qi (Chi)?

The Afro Qi Podcast

The QI Chat Room

College Brew by Writer's Qi

Qi Project

Qi Podcast

Qisse Kahaniyaan

The QI Guy in Conversation with...


Feng Shui by Qi-étude

Qadeera Qiyyama

Talking Qi. Conversations and Audio Books

Qigong Institute

QQ Podcast

Erleuchtung garantiert! Mit Qigong, Kungfu und King Kong

QI Cast

Qigong & Self-hypnosis Podcast


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