Podcasts About Classic Literature

Podcasts About Classic Literature

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Karla Reads the Classics - Making classic literature fun & accessible!

Karla Reads the Classics is a podcast that makes classic literature fun and accessible to everyone. Each episode, Karla reads through a classic work of literature and explains the context, characters, and plot points in an easy-to-understand manner. She also shares her own thoughts and feelings about the book as she goes along. This is an excellent way to approach classic literature, and it helps to break down potential barriers that new readers may face. With Karla Reads the Classics, anyone can explore and enjoy classic masterpieces from a new perspective.

F***bois of Literature Book Podcast

The “F***bois of Literature Book Podcast” is hosted by Emily Edwards and features conversations with authors, readers, and other literary figures about books that feature characters considered “f***bois.” These are characters who display a pattern of behavior that is selfish, manipulative, and often sexist. During the podcast, Emily and her guests discuss how these characters are portrayed in literature, how they might relate to real-life experiences, and how literature can be used to teach readers about potential consequences of such behavior. The podcast also provides thoughtful advice on how readers can respond when they encounter these characters in their own reading.

Daily READINGS of Srila Prabhupada's Books


The History of Literature

Great Audiobooks

The Classic Tales Podcast

The Literary Life Podcast

Oh No! Lit Class

Literature and History

The Weirdest Thing

Hardcore Literature

Teaching My Cat To Read: The “very serious” Book Review Podcast


Musings in Greek Literature

BiblioFiles: A CenterForLit Podcast about Great Books, Great Ideas, and the Great Conversation

Sleep With The Classics


Classics and Chill

We Want To Sound Smart At Parties

Literary Lilt

The Readist - A Classic Literature Podcast

Hot Literati

Intellectual Masturbation

Our Mother Tongue: 108 Facts about Sanskrit


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