Guitar Podcasts

Guitar Podcasts

Have you heard these Guitar Podcasts? We think you'll find some new shows. Here are 25 of the best ones.

Everyone Loves Guitar

In this episode of "Everyone Loves Guitar", host Craig Garber talks to Mark Lettieri, guitarist and composer. Mark talks about his work as a composer for TV and film, his approach to jazz guitar, his musical influences, and his journey from a small town in Texas to the world of professional music. They also talk about the importance of joy in music, the power of improvisation, and how to make a living as a musician. Finally, Mark gives tips on how to stay motivated and how to navigate the music business.

Guitar Nerds

Guitar Nerds is a podcast hosted by guitarists Seb and Tom. Through their weekly episodes, they discuss all things guitar-related, from gear and technique to music theory and playing styles. They also feature interviews and advice from professional guitarists. Each episode is packed with interesting information, useful tips, and entertaining stories. The podcast is a great resource for guitarists of all levels, from beginner to expert.

Chasing Tone - Guitar Podcast About Gear, Effects, Amps and Tone

This is a podcast about guitar gear, effects, amps and tone, hosted by Brian Wampler. Through interviews with notable guitarists, gear manufacturers and industry professionals, Brian discusses the latest gear and effects, along with their applications and the science behind them. He also shares his own experiences with various gear, tips and tricks for achieving the best tone, and more. Each episode is designed to help guitarists understand the gear they use and how to best use it to achieve the tone they want.

60 Cycle Hum: The Guitar Podcast!

60 Cycle Hum: The Guitar Podcast! is a podcast hosted by Ryan and Steve that focuses on the guitar and all things related to the instrument. They cover a range of topics from gear reviews, interviews with guitarists, reviews of guitar shows, and discussions about music theory. The podcast also features stories from the hosts about their own guitar experiences. The goal of the podcast is to provide an entertaining, informative, and educational resource for guitar players at any level.

The Fretboard Journal Guitar Podcast

The Fretboard Journal Guitar Podcast, hosted by Jason Verlinde, is a bi-weekly podcast about guitars and the people who build, play and collect them. Each episode features expert interviews with guitar makers, players, collectors, historians and more, as well as stories and advice from the world of guitars and guitar playing. Topics discussed include the history of guitars and their makers, the business of guitars, interviews with some of today’s top guitarists, and much more. Listeners to the podcast can expect to learn about all things related to guitars, from their history to the latest trends and topics of the day.

Play Guitar Podcast

This podcast focuses on teaching people how to play guitar. It is hosted by Lee Wayne Anderson, a professional guitar teacher with over 30 years of experience. Each episode focuses on a different aspect of guitar playing, from basic chords and scales to more advanced techniques. Anderson offers tips and advice on how to practice, how to learn songs, and how to improve technique. He also interviews guests who are professional guitarists, guitar makers, and other experts in the field. The podcast also provides reviews of guitar gear and equipment, as well as recommendations for further resources.

Steve Stine Guitar Podcast

Steve Stine Guitar Podcast is a podcast hosted by Steve Stine, a guitar teacher and instructor. In the podcast, Steve offers helpful advice, tips, and strategies for guitar players of all skill levels. He covers topics like songwriting, music theory, music business, and guitar technique. He also features interviews with world-renowned guitarists and industry professionals. The podcast is designed to help guitarists of all ages and levels reach their musical goals and take their playing to the next level.

The Guitar Hour Podcast

The Guitar Hour Podcast is a weekly podcast hosted by David Beebee, Dan Smith, Tom Quayle, and Dave Brons. The podcast focuses on all aspects of guitar playing, covering topics such as technique, gear, improvisation, theory, music industry tips, and more. The aim of the podcast is to provide listeners with insights and ideas to improve their guitar playing. Every week, the hosts and guests discuss a variety of topics and offer their own perspective on them. The podcast also features interviews with top guitarists from around the world, allowing listeners to get to know the players better and learn from them. Overall, The Guitar Hour Podcast is a great resource for guitarists at any level of experience.

El Guitarreño

Guitar Radio Show

The Gear Slum Guitar Podcast

The Guitar Knobs

Know Your Gear Podcast


Guitar Speak Podcast

Guitare Obsession - le podcast par Julien Bitoun

No Guitar Is Safe

Guitar Music Theory

Beginner Guitar Academy

The Classical Guitar Corner Podcast

The Blues Guitar Show

TrueFire Live: Guitar Lessons + Q&As

Guitar Stories - Your #1 show for everything guitar!

Guitar Smarts

Bite Size Guitar Podcast


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